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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Little_Shadow_035
Owner: maryannyks
Breed: Wocky

About Little_Shadow_035:
When Faerieland crashed, most of the faerie neopets who resided in there went down with it. Most of the residents knew it was to be expected, but some, like Little Shadow, didn't know anything about it until it was already happening.

Shadow was playing around on the clouds, in Faerieland, like she always would. Just minding her own business, absent-mindedly. She was chasing a Floud when she heard snapping sounds and loud booms and then everything started falling...

She could feel the land move under her soft, pink paws. For the first time ever, she felt scared and didn't know what was happening and since she didn't have any friends, she couldn't ask them, or anyone, for that matter. She was completely alone. Even the Floud had disappeared.

Her wings were too fragile to actually fly, but she tried anyway. She fluttered her wings as fast and as hard as she could, but it was no help, she was falling with the rest of Faerieland, as her body was too heavy for those light wings. And then the fall ended. It was over. It had ended as fast and unexpectedly as it had begun.

She looked around and studied her new surroundings. It had trees and the whole land was covered in a green carpet, but it looked like... alive.

"A living carpet?" she thought to herself. "What kind of a place is this?"

Carefully, she touched the grass with her paw. "It feels so soft!" she muttered. Then she could hear other pets nearing her and hid in the shadow of a nearby tree and tried to keep quiet. They could have been scary Neopians, after all. Or even the swamp ghoul! She peeked from the shadow to see who were coming.

The sounds were cheerful and she could hear laughter. The sincere kind. She eyed the pets, who were now quite visible, curiously.

One of them looked kind of like her; she was also a feline of some sort. But she couldn't understand if the pet she was eyeing was a plushie or a real pet. Then she heard the plushie talk and was convinced that it was a real pet.

"Whoa, so I guess Faerieland is quite nice now. Look at the trees and castles..." the plushie was saying to her companion, a dragon of some sort.

The dragon looked pale and had purple and orange stripes and looked annoyed.

"At least it's accessible to all, now. Not just the faerie elite," she said.

"But it was accessible to all before, you just had to...." but she was cut off by the dragon.

"Yeah and now I can walk here. Funny how things work out sometimes." She looked at the plushie cat and continued. "So let's head to the springs now. I need to get that healing if I am gonna continue battling."

And they walked closer to her. The dragon creature was a little scary, but she wasn't mean. Shadow realised that, but still felt a little uncomfortable so she tried to hide deeper in the shadow, but stepped on a tiny branch, making a quiet snap.

Unfortunately, the dragon had heard a snap of a branch and drew out her sword.

"COME OUT NOW!" she yelled towards the shadows. "Or face the consequences..." And she swung her sword in her hand.

Shadow was so scared now; she had never talked to other pets before. You could say she was a bit shy.

So, being scared of the wrath of the dragon, she slowly crawled out of the shadows and eyed both of them, fear in her eyes.

"I... I'm... sorry," she whispered.

The plushie cat had realised that there was no danger in this faerie cat, so she stepped in, to stop her friend from scaring the faerie cat even more.

"Jude, lower your sword; she isn't a threat," she said to Jude.

"Fine, Mannu. But if she pounces us, it's your fault," Jude replied and rolled her eyes.

"We don't mean to harm you," Mannu said to the scared kitty. "It's just that there have been some sightings of some weird ghoul monsters around here," she finished and looked into her eyes. "What's your name?" she asked the faerie cat.

"Um... I never had one," the scared cat replied, not being so scared anymore.

"How about we call you Shadow, since you were hiding in one?" Jude said.

"Jude, don't be rude." Mannu eyed her friend with her brow furrowed.

"No, I actually like that..." Shadow considered for a minute. "Yeah, I like it." She was enthusiastic now.

"Do you have a home, Shadow?" Jude asked now, serious.

"Faerieland was my home until it fell..." Shadow looked around.

"Would you want to come home with us?" Mannu asked.

Shadow thought this over for a second.

"Yeah. I would like that."

And so she had found a new family. Faerieland falling may have seemed like the worst thing in her life, but turned out to be the best.


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