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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: rustic_flowers
Owner: seraphicbrie
Breed: Cybunny

About rustic_flowers:
The frigid winter air seems to blow straight through your layers of clothing, chilling the marrow in your very bones as you walk through the stone gates of the academy. 'Why must the winters here be so chilly?' you ask yourself as you traverse the worn stone path. But suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you notice something different. Among the dull grey and white of the stone and snow, you catch a glimpse of something green. 'How could anything be growing in this weather?' you ponder while unconsciously walking towards the small plant.

As you round the corner, you are greeted with a grand surprise. A garden, in full bloom with every flower imaginable! The winter chill has not found this place for it is as warm as a summer's day, and in the very center of this impossible garden is a Grey Cybunny tending to an enormous tree. Unconsciously, you approach the Cybunny. You have so many questions to ask and yet you can't seem to find the voice to ask them.

Hearing your footsteps, the Cybunny looks up at you and smiles warmly. "Let me guess, you're wondering how a bet as dull and boring as me could be in a place as vibrant and beautiful as this?" she says as she motions to the surrounding flora. There is no hiding the astonishment on your face, so sheepishly you nod. The Cybunny picks up a small stone then plops down in the lush grass. Gently, she pats a spot next to her, inviting you to sit as well.

"No need to be shy, I tend to get that a lot from first time visitors. My name is Rustic_Flowers, but everyone around here just calls me Flowers. If you have time for a story, I can tell you that I wasn't always this interesting.

"You see, way back when I was just a little Grey Cybunny, other Neopets would take one look at me and immediately think I was a sad little lump with no motivation and no aspirations. Sure, it used to bother me a little bit, but one day it bothered me so bad that I wanted to stop being Grey!" Up until this point, the Cybunny's voice has been soft and comforting, but just now it changes as a thread of anger runs through it. You look down at Flowers's face and it remains serene.

"I was doing some shopping for dinner and I went into the food shop and found a delicious Carrot Cone for sale. But when I went to purchase it, I was stopped by a Rainbow Cybunny.

'Oh you don't want THAT carrot, little one,' she said to me, and then handed me an Undead Carrot. 'Look, this one suits you much better! It's just as droopy as you are!' she remarked as she merrily hopped away with MY Carrot Cone!

"That really bothered me; how could someone just automatically think I liked droopy carrots because I had droopy ears? To help calm down, I went to my favorite spot in Faerieland. And this spot just so happens to have this little discarded plushie who always has time to listen to me when I'm feeling down. But right as I was about to sit down, a Royal Zafara came along and shoved me out of the way!

'Your business will just have to wait, Commoner,' he said snootily. 'There is no way your mundane quips could be more important than my Noble needs! Besides, why would my Royal Discarded Magical Grundo Plushie want to listen to the likes of a Grey pet anyway?'

"Well, that was the last straw! I was so tired of others jumping to conclusions about me just because I was Grey! It wasn't fair! And if this is how Grey pets are treated all over Neopia, then I didn't want to be a grey pet anymore!

"Angrily, I stormed through Faerieland wondering if the Rainbow Faerie might help me with my little problem. But instead of the Rainbow Faerie, I found the Grey Faerie. 'I sense great turmoil inside you, young one. What seems to be the matter?' She looked at me with such benevolent eyes, I was almost ashamed to tell her that I didn't want to be a Grey Cybunny anymore.

"Sheepishly, I told her that I was tired of being Grey and I thought it was time for a color change. Patiently, I waited for the look of disappointment to cross her face, but it never came. Instead, she sagely nodded her head and then fixed those grey eyes on me.

"'Are you certain that will solve all of your problems? Are you changing your color because YOU want to, or because of what others think about you?'

"I had to pause and think about what she said. Was I really just running away from who I really was? Was I really that boring and dreary?

"Fiercely I shook my head! NO! I was NOT boring! I was NOT dreary! There was more to me than just my color alone!

"'I guess, I was just trying to run away from the expectations of others. I don't want pets to treat me like just a Grey Cybunny! I am more than that!'

"Then the Grey Faerie smiled down at me and said, 'It's not easy being grey. But you know what? Even though their exterior is dull and worn, grey pets shine the brightest on the inside. It is because they face great adversity and still continue onward. Even I have had times when I felt like giving up, but if I had succumb to those feelings I would still be locked away in a cage. If I had given up, I may not be on this journey right now. What will you lose if you give up?'

"She then took my paw and placed a tiny grey acorn in it. 'This is a Greycorn. Like many grey pets and even grey faeries, it is pretty boring on the outside. But on the inside is one of the most delicious foods in all of Neopia. I'm giving it to you, and what you do with it is up to you as well.'

"Anxiously, I looked up at her and asked, 'What should I do with it?'

"The Grey Faerie turned to leave, but before she was completely out of sight she yelled, 'It is ultimately up to you, but why not try planting it and seeing just how interesting that little thing really is!'

With that, Flowers stops her story and stares at the tiny rock in her paws. Upon closer examination, you realize that it isn't a rock at all, but a little acorn that is completely smooth and grey. Flowers catches you staring at the acorn and hands it to you.

"This isn't the Greycorn that the Grey Faerie gave me all those years ago," she says, gently placing the tiny seed in your hand. "THAT'S the Greycorn that the Grey Faerie gave me." Flowers motions to the enormous tree where the two of you first met. "It most certainly did turn into something interesting, didn't it?"

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