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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tonusle
Owner: neo492492
Breed: Tonu

About Tonusle:
Popcorn. Waffles. Naps. Tonusle, known simply as Sill by his friends, enjoys the finer things in life. Okay, maybe just the comforting and tasty things. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that Sill is completely sweet and innocent. When he does get some energy, watch out! Sill and his friends have had quite a few wild adventures. It can be argued that Sill's friends are a bad influence, or it can be argued that all those sugary snacks give Sill just a little too much energy sometimes. At any rate, Neopia is still trying to recover from The Great Slorg Incident of Y12.

If you haven't heard about The Great Slorg Incident of Y12, maybe that's for the best. Most Neopians are trying to forget it ever happened. The day began innocently enough. Sill woke up from a long nap and looked out the window to see a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining in a blue sky as Draiks flew past overhead like birds. Sill was feeling quite lazy, however. "I need some snackages, yushly," he said to himself, and rose to seek out some waffles.

However, the horrible truth soon dawned upon Sill: the waffles were gone. So was all of the popcorn. So, in fact, were all of the donuts and cookies and all of his favorite snackages. He was suddenly ravenous, his hunger expanding as he rifled through the empty cabinets. Sill stood in the empty kitchen, rooted in one spot in disbelief that he had eaten it all the night before. Finally, he resolutely started for the door. There was no help for it. 'I haff to go to the store, and hope I do not perhaps maybeh collapse of starvation,' he thought dramatically. His stomach growled.

Along the way, he passed a strange little corral set up alongside the road. "Slorg Wrangling!" read the letters stenciled onto the sign. "First Prize: Life Supply of Popcorn!"

There are moments in life that are so unexpected, so welcome, so fortuitous, that they cannot be denied. This may not have been one of those moments, but Sill was captivated nonetheless. Popcorn is his very favorite food. Soon he found himself ushered inside the corral, confronted with dozens and dozens of Slorgs. Faerie Slorgs, purple Slorgs, Slorgs with shells. Slorgs that oozed along, Slorgs that hid behind giant mushrooms. And, on the far end of the corral, through a maze of Slorgs, was a giant tub of popcorn, its buttery goodness glistening in the summer light.

Once his eyes latched onto that beacon of glory, Sill forgot all else and charged. Unfortunately, all of the Slorgs in his path went flying, knocked out of the way by his formidable feet as he galloped across the pasture. The other Slorgs scrambled to get away, moving much faster than you would believe a slimy creature could manage. As Sill reached the popcorn and tried to stop, his feet skidded and he went crashing through the corral fence in a giant wave of popcorn, wood, and plushie Tonu. And Slorgs.

Those remaining Slorgs that hadn't been knocked aside by Sill's charge now fled for their lives, streaming out of the hole in the fence. Sill watched, dazed, as the Slorg Wrangling judges ran around shouting and the Slorgs disappeared rather merrily down the street. The judges dashed off, trying to recapture their petpets, but chaos loomed. Soon the Marketplace was swarming with Slorgs, as they oozed on the sidewalks and slimed their way up shop windows. They slithered out into streets, stopping traffic. At a café, a very proper Cybunny was shocked to discover a pink Slorg in her coffee mug. Some Slorgs took up residence in the book shop, where they would surprise unwary customers who reached for a book, only to pull away a rather slimy Slorg instead. Others milled about, huddled in shop doorways to hide in case the large plushie Tonu thundered past again. The entire Marketplace was infested with Slorgs.

Neopia was in chaos the entire day as citizens sought to herd the Slorgs away. The scars – or rather, the slime – from that day would never entirely be erased. But sprawled out at home was Sill, happily and obliviously eating his way through the giant bucket of popcorn.

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