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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: flintan
Owner: meepit_for_president
Breed: Ixi

About flintan:
King Hagan sure knows how to throw a party! You think to yourself as you stumble down the pitch black lane. It had been fun, but now it's so dark outside you have no idea how to get home. Suddenly something quite large and metallic hits your shins, sending you tumbling over and face first into the ground.

"Hello," the object says, a pair of red eyes lighting up in the dark as it looms over you, "you appear to have tripped over me. My apologies, my sensors did not detect you."

You scrabble back to your feet, squinting at the thing that you tripped over. It looked like an Ixi, but it wasn't any Ixi that you would expect to see in Brightvale. It was made of green, shiny metal. A robot Ixi?

"Oh uh... I'm sorry," you say, "I wasn't expecting to see anyone out this late."

"As a robot, I do not need to sleep," it replies as matter-of-factly, "you appear to be lost. According to my calculations, the sun will not rise for a further five hours and twenty two minutes. My home is just around the corner, would you like some tea?"

You blink at the robot deer, before nodding and following him. As he said it was just around the corner, a very large and slightly run down house with a plaque outside that read 'HERDHOME'. The robot pushes open the door, beckoning you to follow him.

"I'm not intruding, am I?" you ask, following the sound of metallic hooves on the floor boards through the dark and windy house.

"Negative, the herd is asleep and it gets lonely at night. I would appreciate the company."

Finally you emerge at what seems to be the centre of the house, a cosy little kitchen with a table and some chairs. The Ixi is already here, using a robot arm emerging from his chest plate to rifle through a cupboard.

"Oh, there you are. Would you like Tetraberry, Snow Mint or Jasmine?" he asks, tilting his head at you. You blink again before answering. You'll never get used to robot pets and the things that come out of them.

"So what is a robot Ixi doing in Brightvale?" you ask, sitting on one of the kitchen chairs and watching him with amazement as he fixes your tea.

"It is... a long story," he says. "I would rather not tell you the whole thing, but I ran away from a Sloth space outpost and my escape pod crashed here." The robot arm grabs the teapot and fills your cup before he continues, "I was found by my herd, and I was invited to stay. So I did."

"Sloth? Really?" you ask, trying not to sound incredulous. He nods.

"Yes. I once met him personally. He was not nice."

The hours passed quickly as you spoke to the Ixi, it seemed he led a very interesting life. He was the unofficial head of the household and did all the cleaning while everybody else was asleep. He seemed to love his family very much, telling you about his THIRTEEN adopted brothers and sisters in great detail. He was going into depth about the logistics of living with a Maraquan Ixi when you realised that the morning sun was streaming through the kitchen windows.

"I'd better be heading home," you say, "my family will be missing me."

The robot escorts you to the door. In the daylight he's actually quite cute, not scary at all. It's hard to imagine him ever working for Sloth. As you stand on the porch you suddenly realise something.

"Oh, how rude of me!" you exclaim. "I never asked your name!"

"My name is Flintan," he replies. "It was very nice meeting you. If you are ever in the vicinity again, I would most like for you to meet the rest of my herd."

You wave goodbye to the hospitable robot as you make your way down the track. He was awfully nice, maybe you should stop by again!

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