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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: pebblecrystal
Owner: mysticaldivagurl
Breed: Yurble

About pebblecrystal:
After handing the Breadmaster the NP for my usual bag of fresh White Chocolate Cookies, I exited the bakery and opened my umbrella. It was drizzling throughout Neopia, and had been for the past week. It was a miserable time for everyone due to the cold that comes with constant rain, and an even worse time for those with no place to take shelter from the tears of Faeries mourning for the loss of their home.


I turned around to see a crumpled form in a shallow pool of muddy water. Approaching cautiously, I nudged the creature with the tip of my boot.

"Are you alright there?" I called out. Hearing no reply, I crouched down and turned the poor thing over. Underneath the mud and grime, I made out the face of a young blue Yurble no more than a year or two old. A moan escaped from her lips. "Do you need any help--?" My question was cut off as the devil grabbed the bag of cookies in my hand and began to run off.

Flabbergasted at what just took place, I hastily got up and took off after the thief. After sprinting after her for a good five minutes, I finally caught up to her. "Now wait just one second, you!" I picked her up by the collar of her neck.

"Just WHAT do you think you're doing? Where's your mother? Didn't your mother teach you not to steal?"

Out of nowhere, the baby Yurble began to bawl her eyes out. I was taken aback, unsure of what to say or do next. "W-well! Let's get you home and see if we can't get you cleaned up. We'll find your mommy after."

I held her hand and we started the walk back to my neohome. Once inside, I drew the poor dear a warm bubble bath and scrubbed her from head to toe until all of the mud was gone. After drying her off, I sat her on a chair in the dining room. I placed a plate of the cookies in front of her along with a glass of warm milk.

"My name's Candae. What's your name, little one?" I watched her reach for the cookies and smacked her hands away. "Nope, not until you answer."

"Pebble. Pebblechwystuhl." She snatched a cookie and began devouring it hungrily.

"Pebblecrystal, is it? Where's your mommy, Pebble? Do you know her number or where you live?" I watched as she finished off the cookies and drained the last few drops of milk from the glass. Almost immediately, her eyes began to droop and within minutes she was fast asleep. I sighed, looking at her sweet, chubby, baby face. Looks like the conversation will have to continue tomorrow.

The next day, I took Pebblecrystal back to Neopia Central in an attempt to find her mom. We tried the Bakery near where I originally bumped into Pebblecrystal, the Neolodge in case her family was on vacation, the Food Shop, Book Shop, just about every shop there was in the area. Hours went by, and still no luck.

Looking at my watch, I realized I had to go work in the Laboratory soon and that I didn't arrange to have someone babysit Pebble while I was at work as I planned on finding her family by now. I groaned, thinking that she'd just have to wait until I finished work to go home.

As soon as we walked into the Laboratory, Pebble clung to me like her life depended on it, probably frightened from the screams of other Neopets. I pried her off me as we got to the lab room and sat her down on a stool.

"Pebble, sweetie, I have to go work now. Sit here until I'm done, okay? I promise it won't be long." She stared up at me with her big round eyes. I turned around and left to get my white lab coat and start working.

Just as I was about to mix some tears of a Grey Faerie with a Gallion's feather, I heard the most painful shriek from behind me. I spun around in time to see a bolt of lightning shoot out and zap Pebble. The test tube dropped from my hand and shattered on the floor as I flew to Pebble's side. She was unconscious, and her body looked vastly different. I paled in fear. Scooping Pebble into my arms, I rushed her home, knowing that not even the Neopian hospital could stop the transformation that was to come.

What had I done? The sweet little baby that I found the other day has now just experienced one of the most horrifying experiences possible in Neopia. I looked over at her sleeping form and vowed to make sure nothing like this ever happens to her again. I was going to preserve her innocence - no matter the cost.

Flash forward a few years, and Pebble is still the baby of the family despite being with me the longest. She is bashful and clumsy, and lacks many achievements. Despite this, she gives her all in whatever she does: the Beauty Contest, training, even applying for the Pet Spotlight. Even if she's not the best at everything I throw her in, she tries her best, and that's all that matters to me. She's my Pebblecrystal.

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