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Pet Name: Pillohs
Owner: emaciate
Breed: Chia

About Pillohs:
Pillohs sighed and flopped down on her bed which was, incidentally, covered with large, plush pillows. It had been a long day at Neoschool and she was ready for some time relaxing alone in her room. She stared up at the Twisted Roses poster on her wall.

"You are the three coolest girls in all of Neopia," she whispered to the poster. "I would give anything to be in a cool band like you."

Her thoughts wandered and she began to daydream. The Tyrannian Concert Hall was packed with fans. She was on stage with the members of Twisted Roses, singing lead vocals along with a grey Shoyru wearing heavy black eyeliner. The fans were singing along and dancing to the music. When the song was finished, the audience began to cheer and shout for an encore. The feeling of being on stage was electric. Pillohs began singing another song, smiling at her fans while--

There was a loud knock on her bedroom door. The daydream fell apart around her. Groaning, she rolled off her bed and walked slowly to her door. Opening the door, she saw her little sister. Plooshey, the Plushie Kacheek, with her blonde hair and rosy pink cheeks, stood in her doorway wearing a very frilly dress adorned with (in Pillohs's opinion) far too many pink bows. Pillohs thought of her own outfit, a black and purple goth-style skirt and shirt with very worn out sneakers. Could her sister possibly be any more different from her? Despite their differences, Pillohs still loved Plooshey, though she wasn't planning any tea parties with her anytime soon. Pillohs pushed her long black bangs from her eyes and looked at her sister.

"What is it, Ploosh?" Pillohs asked.

"Mom says you have to do your homework before dinner. Mine is already done. I thought, if you already did yours too, we could color together?" replied Plooshey, holding out a jumbo coloring book and pack of crayons.

"Mine isn't done yet," Pillohs said, thinking that coloring was probably the last thing she wanted to do aside from her homework (which was definitely at the top of the list.) Not wanting to upset her sister, she added, "Maybe we can color together some other time, okay?"

"Sure." Plooshey walked back to her own room, closing her door quietly behind her.

Pillohs walked across her room to where she had tossed her book bag. She started to dump its contents out on her bed. "Every day it's the same thing," she thought to herself. "School, then homework, then dinner, then bedtime. If I were a rock star, I'd never have to do homework again. Even better, I'd never have to go to school again!"

She looked at the contents of her book bag scattered across her bed: a math book, a spelling book, a history book, threee notebooks covered in band stickers, and a few pencils. She lifted up the history book first and was about to open up to the correct section when she noticed a glossy magazine sitting on the bed, underneath where the book had once been.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot about you!" Pillohs exclaimed, tossing the history book aside and eying the magazine with wide eyes. She looked at the cover. It featured a picture of a Shoyru, Ixi, and Zafara, the members of Twisted Roses, rocking out on stage. At the top was printed "Neopian Rock" in bright, bold letters. A friend at school had lent her the magazine during lunch, but Pillohs had completely forgotten about it until now. "I'll just browse through a few pages," she thought, "and then I'll get started on my homework."

She leafed through the magazine, looking at pictures and articles about all of Neopia's coolest bands. There were pictures of Gruundo, Wock Till You Drop, Moehawk, Sticks and Stones, and of course, Twisted Roses. In the center of the magazine, there was a large photograph of the girls from Twisted Roses, and an interview with the members of the band. Pillohs read it eagerly. At the end of the interview, was an ad printed in big, black type.


"I know I do!" Pillohs shouted at the magazine. She read on, desperate to have a chance to perform with her heroes.

Submit a short neomail response of no more than 200 words to the address below. Our lucky winner will have a chance to perform with Twisted Roses live at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

Pillohs immediately started on her neomail. She described her dreams of becoming a singer in a band, her style, and her absolute love of Twisted Roses. After reading it over four times, she decided it was perfect, and sent it out.

"DINNER IS READY!!" Plooshey was shouting and running towards the kitchen table.

"Uh oh," thought Pillohs, "I can't believe I spent an hour writing that neomail! My homework still isn't done." She packed her books back into her book bag and headed to the table. "I can go one night without doing my homework. Especially for something that is totally worth it!"


Weeks passed and Pillohs had almost given up hope on winning the contest to perform with Twisted Roses. If they hadn't contacted her yet, they must have already picked someone else. She sat on the front porch of her Neohome, staring at her shoes.

"Your tried your best," she told herself, "but I'm sure there were a lot of people who sent in neomails to perform with Twisted Roses."

Just then, a Weewoo came by, dropping off the daily neomail. It fell into Pillohs lap. There, on the top of the pile, was a neomail written in purple ink. Pillohs' heart was racing. She quickly began to read.


We are happy to inform you that you have been selected to perform with Twisted Roses in their upcoming concert! Though we had many entries, your neomail was full of sincere passion, which is just what we were looking for in this contest.

Thanks for being a fan,

Twisted Roses

Pillohs jumped up and down with excitement and ran in the house to show her family.


The day of the concert, Pillohs was nervous. What if she didn't sing well? What if she fell off the stage? Worst of all, what of the girls of Twisted Roses didn't like her? These thoughts swirled in her head as she headed towards the band's dressing room. She arrived at the door. On it was a big gold star with "TWISTED ROSES" engraved in all capital letters. She took a deep breath. This was it! She knocked on the door three times.

A Grey Shoyru in gothic dress let her in. "Hey," she said. "We've been expecting you."

Pillohs could hardly contain her excitement. "You're... You're..." she stammered.

"The lead singer of Twisted Roses?" The Shoyru laughed. "Yes, I am. Don't be so nervous! Here, have an Achyfi." She handed a can of Lime Achyfi to Pillohs and walked over to the rest of her band mates. "Meet the rest of the band."

"'Sup?" said a White Ixi with purple eye shadow, the band's lead guitarist.

"Whoa, dude, cool skirt," said a Grey Zafara, looking at Pillohs lazily. She was the band's keyboardist. "I just love purple."

Pillohs drank her Achyfi and smiled nervously. "I'm Pillohs. It's so awesome to finally meet you all."

They discussed which songs they would be playing for that evenings show. Pillohs quickly felt at ease around the Twisted Roses members. The band mates were constantly joking around together, which reminded Pillohs of her friends back at home. They practiced vocals together and all the members agreed that Pillohs's voice was a perfect addition to the sounds of Twisted Roses. Before long, it was time to go on stage an perform.

"Let's rock out!!!" shouted the Shoyru. The band cheered and headed on stage with Pillohs.

It was just as Pillohs had always imagined it. The Tyrannian Concert Hall was packed with Neopians eager to hear the music of Twisted Roses. The crowd cheered loudly as the band stepped on stage. "This is it," thought Pillohs, "time to show them what you can do!" The music started, and Pillohs began belting out lyrics to her favorite Twisted Roses songs. The audience was going wild; cheering, clapping, and dancing along with the music. When the song was over, the fans began to shout "ENCORE!! ENCORE!!" The girls looked at each other and nodded. To the audience's delight, they started another song featuring Pillohs's screaming lead vocals. Pillohs had never been so happy in her life.

After the performance, the girls headed back to their dressing room.

"That was awesome!" exclaimed Pillohs.

"You were awesome," said the Grey Shoyru. "You are welcome to perform with us any time. You rocked it."

Pillohs beamed with excitement. She always knew she was a rock star. Now, the rest of Neopia knew as well.

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