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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Zensella
Owner: butterfliezz
Breed: Zafara

About Zensella:
Music plays and a title screen with the words Tonight's Neopia appears on screen. An audience's applause is heard, as the title screen fades out to a green Acara, sitting in a chair on a stage that's made to look like a lavishly furnished room.

"Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Tonight's Neopia. I'm your host, Alexa Lark, and today I have here with me, none other than one of Neopia's youngest celebrities, Zensella the Zafara!"

The audience cheers as a baby Zafara wearing a black dress and a huge hot pink hair bow comes onto the stage.

"Thanks for having me, Alexa." She smiles in the audience's direction.

"Always a pleasure, Miss Sella. Now why don't we get down to business. You're thirteen years old now, aren't you?"

"I am. I'll be fourteen on April 6th."

"Thirteen and already a household name! Not many other young pets can say that, you know."

"I'm very lucky," says the Zafara modestly.

"Now, how old were you when you first began your acting career?"

"I was four when I made my first appearance on Neovision." She giggles. "On a commercial for Usukiland."

"I remember that commercial. Don't we all?" she says to the crowd, resulting in another eruption of applause. A giant Neovision screen comes down from the ceiling, displaying an old ad for Usukiland. In the ad, a little Zafara with a pink bow in her hair is shown running through the store on a regular "Usuki Frenzy", frantically grabbing dolls and clothing and play sets off the shelf, and putting them in her basket. Awws and laughter fill the room. Zensella also laughs and blushes.

"It's a really cheesy ad," she says.

"It's adorable!" chirps Alexa. "I think everyone would like to know how you were discovered to do that commercial."

The Zafara blushes again. "When I was little, I loved usukis. I'm from Terror Mountain, as you probably know, and the only usukis they ever sell there is the odd one they get in at the toy shop. So when my parents and I went on a trip to Neopia Central, I begged them to take me to Usukiland. We had no idea that there was a talent scout there that day, looking for kids to put in a commercial for the place."

"And when they saw your beautiful face, they knew you were the perfect kid for it?"

"Actually, he didn't see my face at all at first. He saw me running through the store, doing pretty much the same thing I did on Neovision."

A real picture of four-year-old Zensella with her arms full of usukis is shown on screen, resulting in more squeals and laughter.

"Where did you get that picture?!" the Zafara inquires through fits of giggles.

"Your mother gave it to me."

Zensella just shakes her head. The audience quietens down, and Alexa continues the interview.

"So Sella, now that everyone knows how you began your glorious career, why don't you tell us about what you're up to now?"

"Well, right now I'm in the middle of filming the movie adaptation of Mystery of the Kougra Paw, which I'm co-starring in with Donald VonHopsonburg."

"They're saying it will be the movie of the year! How does it feel to know the whole world is waiting for the summer of Year 15, for it to be released?"

Zensella grins. "It's a pretty good feeling. I just hope it will be as fun for the world to watch as it is for me to act in it."

"It must be fun for you! Tell us what it's like for a thirteen-year-old girl to act alongside a star like Donald VonHopsonburg."

"Oh, it's absolutely amazing!" The Zafara throws her arms up in the air, for effect. "You'd think someone that famous would be stuck up or something. But he's not at all!"

"How did you feel when you were first meeting him? Were you nervous?" inquires Alexa.

"I was a bit nervous, yes. I didn't know what to expect. I found out right away though that he was really nice! He said he couldn't believe I was only thirteen." She giggles.

"Well, you are very mature for your age."

"Hehe, thank you!"

"No, Zensella, thank you for being on our show this evening, you've been a darling. I'd love to have you on Tonight's Neopia again sometime soon!"

"The pleasure's all mine. Thanks again, Alexa." She gets up from her chair and turns to the audience. "And thanks to all of you! I had a great time."

The crowd cheers loudly as the baby Zafara waves goodbye sweetly and exits the stage. Nobody can wait for the young celebrity's next interview appearance.

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