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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Yabanci
Owner: _majestic_eagle_
Breed: Grundo

About Yabanci:
Hey, everyone! So you're here to learn about me, huh? Oh, where to start? I wasn't always a nice Mutant Grundo. In fact, I wasn't always a Mutant. I was taken away from my family at a rather young age by Dr. Sloth. After many months of training and brainwashing I was placed into a small unit consisting of five orange Grundos. For sometime the Grundo race fought against themselves, believing one color was better then the other. Me being the only green Grundo in the unit, they picked on me and badgered me. It was from this group I was named Yabanci, meaning alien or foreigner. Over time we grew quite close and once enlisted into Dr. Sloth's Army we were indestructible.

Sometimes now I find it difficult to believe I did stuff like that. Grundos are naturally friendly.

Being the most picked on in the group, I became the nastiest and in only weeks was elevated to the status of Commander.

Dr. Sloth was very pleased with my loyalty toward him. I had carried out some of the most vile of his commands.

I feared nothing and had no pity, until my last assignment.

My group ventured into Neopia Central in an attempt to destroy it. Separating, we began to infiltrate homes, destroying them along with whom ever crossed our path.

We left a trail of devastation that just makes me shiver whenever I think about it.

My last house was indeed my last. A young Kougra tried defending her home and her owner as I invaded. The Kougra was quite strong, but once I injured her I faced the wrath of the owner.

I just have to say one thing. Never underestimate a human no matter how much smaller and weaker they are.

She stood her ground. Though her home was in ruins under our feet, she defended it and her pet.

I was mesmerized by her.

She fought back while the others fled.

I had never seen a human before and I remember thinking, "If there were more like her, Dr. Sloth would indeed lose this war."

The one part of me that was kind and loving had been buried for years by lies, hate and destruction, but now I questioned my orders.

This human, though fighting, was begging me not to hurt her pet any more than I already had. I saw tears in her eyes, but I also saw anger and rage.

Something clicked in my head and all the brainwashing lost its hold on my mind.

At that moment in my life I was extremely confused.

We stood in the center of her demolished home, looking into each other's eyes.

She looked at me with mild fear, uncertain in my actions.

I looked at her with guilt and apology.

I remember dropping my weapons and looking around at the once beautiful Neopia Central that we had now laid waste to. *shivers* I wish I could get that picture out of my mind.

I really don't remember how, but this human saved me. I came to know her as _Majestic_Eagle_. She became my owner. She had freed me from Dr. Sloth's clutches.

I remained a Mutant by choice. I know there will be a time when I would have to defend and protect her against Dr. Sloth and I would use all he has taught me against him.

I love my new owner. She has taught me so much and is willing to let me learn. She has never held me back. She has gotten me so many books, I literally lost count and she keeps getting me more. Yeah! Bring on the book award. *big grin*

She has taken good care of me. *looks at mildly chunky stomach* Really good care of me.

She is very fun loving, well, with a little attitude. We see things eye-to-eye and it's great. She too is a Soldier. She taught me how to be a good Soldier and a great leader. She also taught me how to put all these muscles to good use.

Her Kougra, Kucakla, has been a great big/little sister to me, even though I know she still fears me.

I'm happy to have a loving family. I guess I always longed for a family

After Dr. Sloth was narrowly defeated by the Space Faerie, _Majestic_Eagle_ moved us to Mystery Island. It's quite beautiful there.

Kucakla was ecstatic about the move, it being her home island and all.

I love it. Any place that has no memory of Dr. Sloth is heaven to me.

_Majestic_Eagle_ enrolled me in the training school there and it's a blast. Every once in a while I attend the Krawk Island Academy, but I prefer the non plunder and pillage life. After all, I did enough of that under Dr. Sloth's rule.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my short and sweet life story.


Bye bye for now!!


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