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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ardides
Owner: xtrekaye
Breed: Usul

About Ardides:
It was a rather slow day at the Pound, the pets there playing happily with toys and laughing out loud. Near the back of the room, there was quite a racket as a young, red Usul hopped about, swinging around a sword while jutting it out in the air. A small crowd gathered to watch him run about, fighting invisible foes with a large grin. They were all watching the Usul carefully with puzzled looks as he stood upon a crate of toys, sword pointed outward as he cried out with a booming laugh, "Ha-ha! Lord Zemoth! I have you cornered and there is no way to escape! I will make sure you pay for your misdeeds!" There was a collective amount of gasps from the other pets as the young Usul did a flip from the crates, landing on his feet with a fighter's stance as he laughed aloud again! The other pets began to snicker and point before stopping as he turned to face them.

His head leaned to the side as they acted as if nothing happened, watching them intently before smiling and walking over, sword by his side, "Hey, guys! What are you doing?" he asked as the group mulled about. Nobody spoke up immediately until a rather pudgy Skeith ambled forward, snorting, "It's nothing that should concern you, Ardides... why don't you go back to your fantasy world and let us normal pets be?" The other pets began to snicker as the group dispersed, leaving Ardides alone. As their laughter faded, the Usul sighed and kicked the ground with his foot as he turned and slowly walked away.

The chatter of others was near the front of the room as the other pets began to play, and Ardides was by his lonesome in the corner, swinging about his sword as he stabbed at the air. "I'm not weird... I am completely normal..." He slumped as he plopped into the floor on his rear, letting out a soft sigh as he sniffled. Just then, there was excited chatter near the entrance of the center as a tall human entered in, a small Aisha by her side as the pets gathered round. Ardides looked over slowly to the event and let out another sigh, shaking his head, "Another person, another day where I'm stuck here..."

The center attendant made her way over to the human, smiling and nodding as she put her front hooves together. "Welcome to the Pound! We are glad you could make it, Miss..."

"Miss Xtrekaye! I am very glad to be here!" the human replied, smiling broadly as she shook the hoof of the Uni.

"Is there any pet you are interested in today?" she asked, walking alongside Xtrekaye as the pets pleaded to be adopted.

"I'm not looking for any in particular... whoever Dysillusia and I think will be a great addition to our family..." The Aisha behind her nodded, standing on her hind legs as she began to greet the other pets. They were all showing off their attributes, from a Grarrl flexing his arm muscles to a Kyrii slicking back his long fur.

Xtrekaye and the Aisha began to walk through the rest of the center before spotting Ardides, sitting alone in the corner. Dysillusia calmly made her way over, smiling bright as she tapped him on the shoulder, "Hi there! Why so glum? You're not painted grey!" she said with a delightful tone as Ardides turned around, smiling weakly.

"No, I'm not grey... but I sure feel like it..."

Dysillusia sat down beside him, patting his back as she looked to the toy sword he carried. "Whoa! Nice toy sword! Do you fight dragons with it?!"

The Usul looked to her, quite puzzled before he nodded, grinning, "Y-yeah, yeah I do! I've also battled many a villain with this sword! I am the best there is!" As the two pets began to talk, Xtrekaye came over, bending over with a smile, "Who is your friend, Dysi?"

The Aisha looked to Xtrekaye with wide eyes and a smile, standing to her feet with Ardides. "This is my swordsman friend! He says he likes to fight dragons and villains with his sword!" The Aisha began to make fighting motions with her paws before falling back onto the floor, laughing wildly.

Ardides helped her up before bowing in front of Xtrekaye, "My name is Ardides, fair lady! I protect everyone I can from the bad things!"

Xtrekaye laughed, patting the Usul on his head before bending down, "Well, I sure need all the protection I can, Ardides... so you like playing swords, too? Dysi here does quite well with swords!"

Ardides grinned, picking up his own sword, "I love playing with swords! I've had this one ever since I came to the Pound! It never leaves my side."

Dysillusia ran to Xtrekaye, pulling on her pants leg as she giggled, "I like Ardides, can he come home with us?! We'd be glad to have him, wouldn't we?"

Xtrekaye laughed, looking up to Ardides as she held out her hand, "What do you think Ardides? Would a hero like you want to stay with me and Dysillusia?"

Ardides bounced on his feet with a cheerful cry, running over to them as he hugged his arms around her leg. "Of course I do!" he said with a smile as Xtrekaye picked him up, setting him down on her shoulder as she began to head for the Pound counter.

It was a few days after Ardides was adopted when Xtrekaye painted him Usuki, which gave him a nice set of cavalier clothes along with a brand new sword! He was now playing along with Dysillusia, who wielded his old toy sword as they stood back to back, fighting imaginary bullies with laughs and cheers. He looked over his shoulder at Dysillusia, grinning as he winked at her, "You are quite the fighter, Dysi! We make a wonderful pair!"

Dysillusia also glanced at him, smiling broadly as she continued to swing her sword about, "We sure do, Ardides! We will keep the world safe!" They turned around and continued to fight with their imaginary foes, Ardides in particular as happy as can be. "I finally found where I belong!" he thought as he launched himself in the air, sword pointed towards the sky...

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