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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Straoma
Owner: divinisity
Breed: Buzz

About Straoma:
On a chilly, spring morning, a plush Buzz was propped up against a street light in the nearby park. He sat listlessly, waiting. What was he waiting for? It was early morning, and the streets were nearly empty. The occasional twitch of his yellow polka dotted wings gave him away as animate, but only to one who took careful notice. A large sewing needle was kept in his back, which went through his plush body with the sharp end pointing down. Through the eye, red thread was threaded, neatly knotted, ready for immediate use. The Buzz's navy blue button eyes glimmered in the sunlight, as the day began to warm in the transition to afternoon.

Straoma moved. He shifted slightly, and the needle caused a squeaking sound as it lightly scraped against the metal street lamp base. Raising his hand, the orange coloured Buzz smoothed his bright green crest and looked around. Tapping his button-eyes, he stared into the park. It was already mid afternoon, and many young Neopets were running among the flowers, under the watchful eyes of their older siblings and guardians. A small green Acara headed in his direction and Straoma took on an innocent smile as he fell limp again.

"Look, Sis, look!" The Buzz watched as she gestured wildly at him. The older sister of this Acara was a bored looking Kyrii, tugging a leash with a Puppyblew on it.

"Can I take her home?" was the exclamation of the young child.

Her? Straoma thought, trying to maintain his harmless smile. Do I look like a girl?

The Kyrii rolled her eyes. "No, you can't. It's dirty, and you just can't just take any toy home with you!"

The older girl turned away, now tugging both a Puppyblew and a complaining Acara away.

There goes my chance, the Buzz sighed quietly, as he watched them leave. At least there are plenty of other children around. He'd get his opportunity. It was practically guaranteed. Strangely enough, minutes later, the little Acara returned to the lone plushie, grabbed him gleefully, and followed her sister down the streets. The plush Buzz was taken home with them.

When arriving at the large Neohome, the Buzz noted how spacious it was. It seemed like the Kyrii and Acara were the only pets. The two began to inspect Straoma to prepare him for play. The older sister took him and turned his limp body over, checking thoroughly for hazards.

"This toy has a needle embedded in it!" she realized, surprised. "How dangerous."

The large sewing needle was removed and placed on the counter, where her younger sibling could not reach. The first thing that was done was to give him a bath. As the girls lowered him into a tub of water, Straoma was just about to fly away. But he restrained himself. He didn't like baths, and always kept himself relatively clean. After lots of scrubbing and then a meeting with a hairdryer, the Buzz was left with the Acara, as the Kyrii ran up the stairs to her room in a huff.

I'm not a girl! he wanted to shout as the young Acara played dress-up with her other toys. She had put a pretty, pink bow on the Buzz's head and forced his fingers around a floral pattern purse. Complaining would blow his cover. He endured the humiliation just so he could achieve his final objective.

A plate of varied cookies lay on the kitchen countertop, a large window looming behind it. The curtains were blowing slightly in the wind, and the window was open halfway. A windy breeze swirled around him, and some papers on the counter scattered everywhere. The little Acara rushed to gather up the papers and Straoma jumped up at this opportunity. Flexing his plush wings, he flapped them strongly, something not expected of a regular plush toy. Making a beeline for his needle, it was swiftly snatched up as the Acara shouted in surprise.

"Bye! Thanks for the hospitality!" the orange coloured Buzz yelled down as he grabbed a couple of cookies from the plate. Mmm, chocolate and oatmeal. He zoomed out the window, a projectile shot from a cannon. The green Acara stared in shock at the quick disappearance of her brand new toy. The Puppyblew barked wildly at the window.

Another day of thieving from unsuspecting victims, he thought. I love cookies, I really do.

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