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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: TigerSharkz
Owner: lifedragon26
Breed: Skeith

About TigerSharkz:
TigerSharkz takes a deep breath and begins to tell his story...

"My name is TigerSharkz. I used to be a red Jetsam. Playing in the water, having fun with the other undersea life. Or eating the other undersea life… Anyway, being a Jetsam was great! That is until people began to find out about our special talent.

We were special neopets destined to dive down deep into the ocean and find various treasures. The day I was created I was soon put to work. It was long and tiresome… I didn't have any fun looking for treasure because I didn't get any of the stuff I found! So one day I decided to leave my previous owner.

I soon found myself in the dark and dreary Neopian Pound. Being there is awful! It's cold, dark, and scary noises come from every room in the building. I became a very sad neopet while staying in one of the dark rooms of the building. That is until the day Lifedragon26 came to the pound. She had a nice smile on her face and didn't look like she was a treasure hunter at all. I quickly flopped up to her and introduced myself. Soon after that, she adopted me and I have been with her ever since then.

I have changed quite a bit since I've been with Lifedragon26. She took me on so many adventures and we played so many cool games together. One day she decides we should go on a treasure hunt. I didn't like the sound of it at first, but quickly warmed up to the challenge. We searched together high and low for pieces of the Laboratory Treasure Map. It was not long before we found all the pieces and put them together. The coordinates on the map were easy to read and understand so that was our new destination!

Upon arriving at the location we found ourselves greeted by a crazy looking Scorchio. He told us all about his experiments and his new Lab Ray. We both thought this operation was a bit shady, but we decided to take a look at the ray anyway. It was a gigantic ray gun with flashing lights all around. Lifedragon26 if the Scorchio could use the Lab Ray on me. Lifedragon26 shook her head at first, but I quickly changed her mind when I saw all the benefits in the brochure about the Lab Ray. Once everything was in place I sat down in front of the ray and waited. ZZZZAAAAPPP!!

After that I was transformed into an Island Skeith! Lifedragon26 was upset to see my appearance had changed that she ran up to me and hugged me. I laughed and flexed my new arms and wiggled my new toes. This experience was exciting and life changing. After that zap I had a new love for gambling. I started to love playing Bilge Dice, Poker, Black Jack and visiting the Lab Ray everyday. I enjoyed the sound of dice and cards being placed on tables with neopoints falling into my hands. Hands are a nice thing to have when playing cards and throwing dice. It is not so easy throwing dice or holding cards with flippers.

Oh, right back to what I love to do best. I love to gamble. Going to Lab Ray every day really increases the opportunity that I will be something new and exciting. It's extremely adventurous. However, I have been changed into a girl a few times… I am not going into detail about that part of my life… But the Lab Ray has benefited me in a lot of ways too. I have become much stronger! And can take on neopets that my brothers and sisters could not. Beating that Cave Chia was really exciting… Oh, I'm getting off track again. Well, I guess that is just how I am. Ever changing like the cards in your hand."

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