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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mahganda
Owner: bencat52
Breed: Poogle

About Mahganda:
In Neopia, there are Limited Edition pets. That's just a fancy way of saying we're endangered. We used to not be endangered. We were a popular pet, though. So many adopted Poogles.

Since so many people adopted Poogles, so many of these people also left, and brought their pets down with them. This affected some pets more than others - and created an endangered species. Now, we are protected with the Limited Edition label.

But Poogles aren't just born on Poogle Day. That's just when Neopia allows us to be given to users.

So what happens to the Poogles when it's not Poogle day?

They live in Faerieland, of course! Just like Chombies and Tonus live in Tyrannia, and Cybunnies live on Terror Mountain. I mean, why do you think they have Poogle Races?

Of course, not all Poogles go into Poogle Racing. And I was one of those Poogles. My parents, who were ready to be "created", sent me to be a librarian in the Faerieland Bookshop.

After a year of hard work in the bookshop, the wonderful Library Faerie asked to keep me on for a little longer, since not many young Poogles want to help in the book shop. But I had fun with it. I love books, and since I had access to all the reading material in Faerieland, I was especially happy.

One day changed my young Poogle life forever. Being the Librarian Faerie's assistant, she often sent me to deliver books to Neopets, Neopians, and even other faeries. I was used to it, so when she asked me to deliver the book Favourite Faerieland Secrets, I was happy to do it. She gave me directions, and I hopped off. I was a very small, green Poogle at the time, so going from cloud to cloud was often a difficult task for me. But I had learned, over time, where exactly to put my paws and where to jump.

When I reached the proper cloud, I was shocked to see a quite distressed looking water faerie, dried up in a small puddle of water.

"Miss Water Faerie!" I said. I quickly tried to think of what to do. I turned around to see the Healing Springs, a place I often visited to deliver books. I leaped to her cloud.

"Miss Healing Faerie!" I said, trying to catch my breath. I was quite shocked. "Your neighbor Water Faerie is hurt!"

The Healing Faerie smiled. "Take some of my water," she said. "She'll be fine."

She handed me a bucket, which I filled with the water from the healing springs. "Thank you!" I said, holding the bucket in my mouth, and carefully returning to the Water Faerie's cloud. I poured the water into her puddle, and it immediately filled, as if activated by magic. The distressed Water Faerie immediately dunked herself underwater and smiled. She swam to the edge where I was.

"Thank you, little Poogle," she said. "Without you, my springs may have never returned to their magical state." She smiled. "I would let you bathe in the water, but the magic has not returned. I requested a special book, but it hasn't arrived yet."

I immediately gave her the book. "Is this the one you're looking for?" She grinned.

"Why yes, it is!" she said. "You must be the Little Poogle working for the Library Faerie! She asked that I let you have a soak in my water!"

I knew I had work to do, but if my employer suggested it, I had no problem with a little swim. She swam to the other edge and put the book with her other things, and I slowly crawled into the water.

"Now, Little Poogle..." She smiled. "If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?"

I thought for a while. That morning, I had overheard the Library Faerie talking to a tall man who said I had to be created the next Poogle day. That they needed one more Poogle, and I was the one. But I didn't want to be created. I wanted to stay with the Library Faerie forever.

"To be a Faerie," I said. "To stay in Faerieland."

"That's what I thought you'd say," she laughed. "Now close your eyes and think really hard about being a faerie, okay?" I nodded, and squeezed my eyes tight. She dunked my head under the water. I frowned.

"What was that for!" I asked loudly. She swam to her stockpile of beautiful items and pulled out a perfectly polished mirror.

I looked in the mirror and didn't see my little green Poogle self. I saw a beautiful, purple, faerie Poogle!

"Well?" the water faerie said quietly.

"Is that me?" I asked.

"It is, my dear." She touched my wings, and I gasped. I had wings! I could fly!

"I'm a faerie!" I said.

"Indeed you are."

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