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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Celtabi
Owner: almyth
Breed: Blumaroo

About Celtabi:
Dark shadows stretch across the knolls between the Haunted Woods and Brightvale as the sun climbs ever closer to the horizon. Dusk could be a particularly dangerous place for the inexperienced and reckless, especially so close to the borders of the gloomy forest and its inhabitants. Dangers exist that most do not speak of so openly: names of creatures that even the bold utter in hushed, hesitant tones.

Atop one of the many hills outside that dreadful glade lies a solemn graveyard, overlooking the fields beneath it and the forest behind. For many ages the cemetery has rested there, existing as proof of the perils that await the unprepared who tread through the region. Twisted, unhealthy vines slither over most of the broken stone walls and jagged iron pikes surrounding it: sickly colours of moss and fungus creep over just about everything else. Most of the burial markers are faded and damaged to the point they're impossible to read. Yet perched atop the gates of that desolate cemetery sits a lone Darigan Blumaroo, seemingly without concern as he stares into the distance with a thin smile playing on his lips. An unimpressed captive shadow wraith nestles at his side, slumped forward as they sit in silence.

From its considerable height the forsaken graveyard offers a stunning vantage of the land below. When the light from the sun angles just right and the mist clears from the plains, even the battered city of Faerieland can be seen in the distance: which just so happens to be what this particular Blumaroo is interested in peering at so closely.

This is one of the rare moments that Celtabi spends to himself, reflecting on the tasks at hand and the deeds to be done. Normally he is quite the social Neopet and makes it his business to learn about everyone else's business; after all, knowledge is a very powerful and versatile weapon. Intellect is something that he respects and strives to demonstrate at every chance he gets.

Riddles and rhymes are favourite games of his, often ambushing passersby and challenging them to a game of wits. The consequences for losing to Celtabi are never pleasant and tend to cost a lot more than whatever valuables the victim possesses: most Neopets are simply never heard from again. However, on the rare occasion that he is bested at his own game the Blumaroo is prone to throwing a massive tantrum. After a lot of fuss, screeching and denial, he tends to flee before the other party can collect their prize. Then again, his hasty retreat may well be a prize in and of itself as they are left unharmed.

Although he is confident by himself, Celtabi isn't above joining other nefarious characters if it will benefit himself. He is always the first to flee when a situation or outcome looks unfavourable and is always the first to claim the spoils of victory when he can. He lacks any great deal of physical strength and relies on his cunning to carry him through any strife that arises.

Over the years has he gained something of an unhealthy admiration for valuables, though lacked a means of obtaining his coveted treasures until very recently. It was during the fall of Faerieland that he forcefully "rescued" one of the tinier wraiths that was scurrying about. It now acts as his questionably faithful servant, joining him for his adventures across Neopia. The wraith may very well be the closest thing to a friend that Celtabi has known in a very long time, even if this would never be willingly admitted.

For all of his rather unsavoury qualities- of which there are many- Celtabi believes himself to be a simple Neopet with simple enjoyments in life. Despite his love for strategy and sinister workings he doesn't strive to conquer or rule Neopia. After all, everyone would know your face and make hiding a very difficult task from do-gooders. Instead he prefers to keep just below the lawful radar and delight in smaller bouts of chaotic fun, never drawing much attention to himself.

"That's probably the fastest way to get yourself thrown in a dungeon, or worse," Celtabi remarks to his wraith companion with a wry smile returning to his face. "Just look at Xandra. Had she only been the tiniest bit more careful in her scheme, I really think she would have succeeded." The Blumaroo leans forward, eyes gleaming with curiosity at the thought. Across the plains, the towers of Faerieland grow dark as the night veils the city in shadow once more.

"Wouldn't that have been something?"

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