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Pet Name: Zurw
Owner: arciel
Breed: Flotsam

About Zurw:
Have you ever wished on a shooting star? Hoping that somehow, by some inspiring chance, your dreams could come true? Perhaps fantasy could turn to reality, and even better than that? It'd be your wish to claim, to make and keep forever! That'd be pretty fantastic! Wouldn't you think that's how these sort of events should work? It'd be something magical and life-changing. As it just so happened, I had the glorious luck to spy a tiny and flickering light descending from the star-speckled skies one evening. Just as you might imagine, it was indeed an enlightening experience- although not in the way I'd imagined.

My loyal Scado companion and I were admiring the constellations from just off the shores of Tyrannia, enjoying the view from the water. I've never been a particularly fortunate Peophin, so when I caught sight of that lonely star dashing across the night, I decided to take a chance and make one of these silly wishes (despite my doubts that anything could come of such a frail hope). No, no, I'll spare you the grievous and melancholy tale of poor Phiu. This particular tale doesn't even host me as its primary focus, actually. It's about a very peculiar creature named Zurw.

You see, the shooting star I saw that night was really more of a falling star. And by falling, I mean plummeting at extreme velocity toward the still and dark ocean below. I wouldn't have noticed its irregular motion had it not been zooming toward my head at an alarming rate. There was little time to act and so I deftly moved out of the way, swimming to safety and most certainly remaining absolutely calm. Don't listen to anyone else saying that girlish screams were involved, alright? Nothing of the sort occurred. I do recall that there was a terrible explosion of sound over the water as the star broke through the waves, diving into the deep.

But the sound didn't stop there, no! Now beneath the water, the fallen star was emitting some sort of awful whirring sound that made my ears itch with irritation. I don't dare try to mimic its likeness, though it sounded something akin to buzzing. I've only encountered a Buzzer once and I don't care to recount that sorry tale at present, though the two sounds were similar enough. Sizing the situation up, I decided that the proper course of action would be to confront this star and very politely ask that it cease the racket it was causing in my homeland. It's not that I don't enjoy new neighbours, but rather I dislike noisy ones.

Locating the star was no difficult task, as the whirring sound remained unpleasantly constant. Upon spotting where our stellar guest had landed on the ocean floor, my Scado and I approached with care. After all, if this visitor were deaf to the wretched noise it was producing, who could say what its temperament presently was? What if it were disgruntled and beyond reason? I thrust away such thoughts and positioned myself behind a very sturdy rock, peering out. I had to put the safety of my Scado first, of course!

At such proximity to it, I began to realize our fallen star wasn't a bit of astral rubble at all. While it was certainly the most bizarre Neopet I'd laid eyes on, its mechanical casings marked the creature as a robot Flotsam! How it had managed to fall from the stars I had no idea, though my confusion quickly gave way to concern. How could anyone survive such a catastrophic descent? Confounded as I was, the incessant whirring persisted and reminded me of why I'd braved the deeper tides. Reassuring my petpet that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of, we swam closer. The Flotsam remained completely motionless and when we arrived the poor thing still hadn't moved.

"Are you quite alright?" I asked, despite knowing that everything wasn't 'quite alright' at all. When it did not respond, I very discreetly attempted to prod the robot in an attempt to quell the irritating sound it continued to produce. Much to my surprise and relief, the Flotsam's dull eyes suddenly flashed a glowing blue! Its entire body whirred to life, though much more quietly now. Its body now made an almost pleasant hum as it floated, head swiveling this way and that before setting its attention on me.

"Oh! What's that?" A tiny female voice squeaked out from its casing. Or rather, her casing. "What's this? Hello? Who are you? Hi!" The Flotsam seemed unable to stay still, eagerly swimming in circles around us. I tried to introduce myself in between her barrage of queries, though when I asked for her name she seemed at a loss and couldn't remember. I wasn't particularly surprised, given how hard she must have landed from the sky. Or beyond, for that matter. Certainly a number of circuits were bound to be rattled somewhat badly, though I never mentioned this openly to her. Our mystery Flotsam was still in need of a name, however.

"What about... Zurw?" I suggested casually. I honestly didn't have anything better in mind and it was the same sound of that tiny whirring her casing created. It seemed like an alright name at the time.

"Zurrrw." She mimicked me, followed by the most strange and digital-sounding laughter I had ever heard. I suppose it was made all the more odd that her facial expression remained the exact same, despite the delighted giggle. "Zurrrw! I like this. And that! And you too, Phiu!" My Scado seemed a bit irritated that he was neglected from her praise, though he's a fairly forgiving petpet(despite looking like an absolute grump).

Without any way of knowing where she came from or how to get her home, I invited Zurw to come to live with us until she did find a better housing. It's been a few months now and the Flotsam is just as curious as ever. Not that I find it's a bad thing, actually. Zurw happens to be incredibly helpful, even if that's bordering on hyper some days. As things stand, I couldn't wish for a better friend.

So yes, I suppose dreams do come true. Although not always how you expect them to.

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