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Petpet Name: Pumpkin Queen
Owner: silly_mistake
Pet Name: Pumpkain
Breed: Faerie Clompkin

About Pumpkin Queen:
The Haunted Woods isn’t the ideal place to call your home as home, unless your name is the Pumpkin Queen. Polly live in the small corner of the Haunted Woods where all year round they make preparations for Halloween. And Polly is the best! Scaring little furry petpets and handing out candy is Polly’s ultimate joy. Polly knows how to make it the most spookiest Halloween ever.

Although Polly is the best at Halloween, she can’t go anywhere without Pumpkain, her best friend. Pumpkain is in charge of Halloween in the Haunted Woods. But Pumpkain has such a hard time making decisions about Halloween, so she consults Polly in everything.

“Polly, I need help to know what new things we will be doing this year!”

One evening Polly was feeling a little down, she was feeling that everything was all ready for Halloween, but it wasn’t for another month. Polly was feeling envious that all the faeries in Faerieland were having their annual Faerie Festival. She wanted to celebrate Halloween early. Pumpkain tried to convince Polly that there was still plenty to do in preparations for Halloween, but Polly just didn’t want to listen.

“Why do the Faeries get to have their precious Festival now? I’m in the mood for Halloween”

As Polly wandered off, she began to think of a plan to capture the Faerie Queen and take over the Faerie Festival and make it her own.

“Yes, this is a idea is it!”

Polly thought this plan was so brilliant, she went home and told everyone in the Haunted Woods to start making preparations for this take over. Someone however wasn’t on board with this… Pumpkain.

“No, Polly, this isn’t good, the Faerie Queen is too powerful, the plan will never work!”

To capture the Faerie Queen would be hard, but Polly knew just who to ask to capture the Faerie Queen; the Haunted Woods four most mischievous trick-or-treaters who were so sinister, they even made their club house in the Brain Tree. Polly sent them off to capture the Faerie Queen and bring her back to the Haunted Woods and lock her up.

As some final preparations for taking over the Faerie Festival, Polly decided to get herself a costume to dress up like some of Faerielands petpets, so she needed some wings. Polly decided she needed to take a quick dip into the Rainbow Pool. Laughing manically, Polly comes out of the Rainbow Pool with wings.


Alas it was the night before the Faerie Festival, all the faeries were asleep in their nice little beds. Polly was ready to take down and redecorate the Festival with her all new ideas. She took down all of the ribbons and knocked over all the floral pots and plants. Adding in their place pumpkins and spyders and spyder webs.

The next morning when the faeries woke up, they found their precious Faerie Festival in ruins. In confusion, all faeries searched around for why there were pumpkins everywhere. Suddenly at the top of the Faerie Queen’s castle balcony, all the faeries saw it was Polly pointing at the gates of Faerieland. All the faeries gasped as they turned around to the gates to see all the ghouls, ghost, and creatures of the Haunted Woods coming in. Polly shouted from the balcony for all to hear.


Pumpkain stood behind in shame watching this all go down.

“I’ve got to do something, I have to fix this!”

Pumpkain headed back to the Haunted Woods to find and release the Faerie Queen. She’s the only one who can stop Polly and save the Faerie Festival.

Back at the Haunted Woods at the Brain Tree, Pumpkain found the four mischievous trick-or-treaters handing Queen Fyora over to the Esophagor. The Esophagor was hungry and loved to eat any food given to him, and tonight a faerie sounded just delicious.

Pumpkain got there just in time as they were releasing her over to the Esophagor.

“STOP! Unhand her, she’s not your dinner tonight!”

The Esophagor looked up confused.

“II AMMM HUNGGRRYYY..... feeed mmeee”

As the Esophagor opened his mouth, Pumpkain threw a whole year’s supply of Halloween candy into the Esophagor’s mouth.

“Quick, we have to head back to Faerieland, you need to save the Faerie Festival before it’s too late!”

Arriving back at the Faerie Festival, Queen Fyora found Polly and with the flick of her wand, commanded all the ghouls, ghost, and creatures of the Haunted Woods to return back to their homes. Then with another flick of the wand, returned the Festival to the way it all was before. Then turning to Polly, who was trying to sneak off before being captured by Queen Fyora.

“Not so fast, Polly!”

“Oh Queen Fyora, I’m sorry, I just wanted to celebrate Halloween early, but now I see, Faerieland is not the place to do it. It’s too bright and cheery here!”

Queen Fyora sent Polly back off to the Haunted Woods and commanded for her to stay there and never try to take over anyone else’s holiday.

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