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Petpet Name: Silence
Owner: tiffymew
Pet Name: drakicho
Breed: Grey Crokabek

About Silence:
The fog grew ever thicker, and a chill began to run down his spine. He weaved through the dark forest, and he felt the trees themselves gazing upon him. The sun had set long ago, but he still found no trace of what he was seeking. He did not want to be here. But he had to find his friend. He called into the fog, constantly, as loud as he could. Red, glowing eyes began to blink and surround him. If he kept moving, he thought, he would be okay. His eyes scanned the surroundings, and he called and called. He was lost, and he was far from Meridell, but if he could at least reunite with his friend, maybe they would make it out.

Before he knew it, he arrived where the fog was thickest. He landed on a nearby low branch. It was too dangerous to fly now. He quickly glanced around, but he couldn’t make out anything aside from the vague silhouettes of the endless hordes of trees. He desperately cawed out for his friend, searching for any signs of movement, listening for any cries for help. Suddenly, he heard the rustle of footsteps on the leaves on the forest floor. A pair of glowing red eyes fell upon him, and he froze in fear. A hooded figure approached him, holding a strange potion.

“Such a noisy little bird...”

He stumbled onto the floor, and he became sleepy. Before long, his eyes shut, and the forest was silent once more.


The wind blew gently as he settled onto a branch. The leaves whistled. He gazed up at the sky, a beautiful painting of stars. He spent his nights alone. After he returned to his flock in Meridell, they shunned him for being cursed. He never found his friend. He opened his beak to cry in sorrow.

Not a sound came out.

The witch’s potion took his voice. No longer could he joke with his flock, sing tunes, or laugh while they caused mayhem in the village.

As he began to recall these memories, his stomach rumbled. As the lonely silence began to fill the night again, he heard voices, and footsteps. He spread his wings in preparation to flee, but this was different. These weren’t the voices of angry villagers or the knights of Meridell. He caught the scent of freshly baked bread. He glanced down, and saw a Scorchio. The stranger looked up, and their eyes met. He held out his hand to offer the bread. The Crokabek gazed back warily. As much as he wanted it, he knew this trick. He heard tales of caution about this.

The Scorchio seemed visibly disappointed, and a Lutari appeared behind him. The Lutari looked up at the Crokabek and smiled.

“I know you’re scared, but my friend means no harm.

He heard about a Crokabek that had lost its voice. He felt really sympathetic, and wanted to meet you. You’re not with your flock, aren’t you? Would you want to come with us? He knows your plight; he’s mute as well.”

A new life with these strangers? He hesitated, but at the same time, he felt the warmth of happiness and belonging. Someone was looking for him, and wanted to give him a home. He couldn’t sense any hostility, and although there was always a risk, he felt that he could trust these two. He flew down, and accepted the Scorchio’s offering of food. The Scorchio smiled back silently, and for a moment in time, a peaceful silence fell between them.

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