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Petpet Name: Therese
Owner: silvergullmon77
Pet Name: Lumi
Breed: Faerie Dandan

About Therese:
The sun was high, the sky was cloudless, and a breeze filled sweetness and the salty ocean water wafted through the air. Summer time was Fair Season by the boardwalk, and today was yet another day for the little fair by the beach on Mystery Island. A Ferris wheel, several colourful air balloons and a roller coaster dominated the skyline. There were rides, corndogs, live music, magicians and cotton candy; what’s not to love?

A draik guarded her prize – a large, fluffy pink cotton candy – from the crowds as she tried to pass through the carnival games to find somewhere to sit. Her petpet, a little faerie dandan sat upon her shoulder and licked the spun sugar whenever her owner wasn’t looking. They ducked underneath a large scorchio and expertly maneuvered around a large group of usuls on summer break from Neopia Central.

The pair – a draik named Lumi and her beloved Therese – loved to spend their summers enjoying the fairs along the boardwalk.

As they were approaching the air balloons, Therese’s ears perked up. She watched the crowd curiously. Therese prodded Lumi with her paw, and gestured towards the balloons.
The balloons were in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes; they were mostly made for pets but there was a smaller balloon for petpets, too. They watched as an air balloon decorated as the Neopian globe gently rose into the sky. Elated giggles of joy from pets and their owners punctuated the air every time a balloon rose.

“Did you want to try?” Lumi asked. Therese nodded.

There was quite a lineup, but Lumi and Therese were patient. They got into line behind a small Shoyru and her Kazeriu, and set about eating their cotton candy. It wasn’t long before they were both left licking the remains of the spun sugar from their paws and claws. Lumi struck up a conversation with the others waiting in line. They chatted about exotic vacations to Meridell and Terror Mountain and the lovely stretch of summer weather in Mystery Island, although it sounded mostly like gibberish to Therese, whose attention was focused solely on the balloons infront of them. Her eyes got wider and wider the closer they got to the front of the line.

And then suddenly, there they were.

Lumi handed the operator a small pile of neopoints to pay for the ride, and asked for a single petpet-sized balloon for Therese. The air balloon operator explained that although rides were short, they should provide a good view of the boardwalk and the rest of Mystery Island.

Lumi gently lifted Therese off her shoulder and placed her into a basket of a pretty yellow and green balloon. She took a step back, quickly snapped a photo, and the operator began to count down. “3!”

Lumi blew a kiss towards Therese. “Have fun!”


Therese smiled at her owner, and at the growing line behind the ride.


And then, Therese was off!

And the balloon rose and rose and rose… toward a seemingly unreachable place…

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