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Petpet Name: It's a rock
Owner: hauntinq
Pet Name: Piece
Breed: Pirate Rock

About It's a rock:
It's the morning of the petpet competition, and you sit in your assigned seat at the judges table, looking round at the other Neopians who were chosen to judge the competition.

The competition is about ready to start, and you can see pets eagerly lining up to show off their perfectly groomed Warfs, attempting to cajole their Kadoaties to keep them yowling, and polishing their robot petpets one last time so they gleam.

Suddenly a bell chimes, indicating that it's time for the competition to begin. An hour passes mostly uneventfully, unless you count the Angepuss who got frightened and landed on your fellow judge's head.

"Contestant 11482, please step up." A voice over the loudspeaker requests.

A cheerful aisha prances into the middle of the room, clutching her petpet tight. Her hair, messy, brown, and wild, is tied back haphazardly with a bright red bow. A red scarf is tied around her neck and falls to the floor, slapping against her feet as she walks. She sets it in the middle of the golden pedestal provided for the occasion, and it thunks heavily. She grins a toothy smile at all of the judges, including yourself, waiting expectantly.

You squint at the petpet and's a rock? It has an eye patch wrapped around it, a red and white spotted cloth wrapped around the top of it, and a strand of leather wrapped around the base as if it's a belt.

The other judges look just as bewildered as you're feeling, their mouths hanging agape as they stare at the "petpet". You can see it's up to you to take over.

"Ahem." You say, clearing your throat. "Welcome. What is your petpet's name, please?"

The aisha glances at the rock, then back at you, still grinning "It's a rock!" She states proudly.

"I-I see. And can you tell me about your...rock?"

"Absolutely!" She exclaims excitedly. "One day I was walking around Altador, after the Cup had ended, and found myself stumbling into the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry. I decided while I was there, I might as well find find a handful of flat rocks so I could go to Kiko Lake later that day and skip rocks.

I don't know if you've ever skipped rocks at Kiko Lake, but it's loads of fun!

Anyway, I was so preoccupied with looking for the best skipping rock, that I didn't see this guy jutting out of the ground until the last second. Of course I tripped over him, and found myself falling headfirst into a pile of flat rocks.

Luckily I didn't get hurt. I felt like he must have been trying to get my attention so I would take him home...after all, he must have gotten overlooked so many times, as a non-flat rock in a flat rock quarry!

So I carefully dislodged him, and took him home. I washed him up, but he seemed cold, so I dressed him up. Now I don't go anywhere without him!

He comes in great help in the Battledome! Imagine the surprise of my competitor when he comes out of nowhere in a surprise attack!

It's true what they say; a rock is a Neopets best friend!"

She chuckles at this last part and grins at you again. You wonder at this last statement; no one has ever said that, to your knowledge. Belatedly, you realize she's finished.

Visions of her throwing a rock at her components run through your head. How is that even allowed?!

You shake your head to dislodge the thoughts, and to get yourself back on track.

"Uh...thank you for that...interesting presentation, Contestant 11482."

With a quick curtsey, she scoops her rock up and skips off into the crowd.

The rest of the day goes by fairly quickly, and at the end you watch expectantly as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners take their places.

To your surprise, the aisha takes the first place position, her rock firmly in hand, now with a 1st place ribbon tied around it.

You shake your head in amusement and wonder. A rock really is a Neopets best friend.

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