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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Moon
Owner: naama_mikeas
Pet Name: Kitha
Breed: Eventide Ignalce

About Moon:
Among the subterranean villages of Moltara, is an ignalce that love the stars.
His name? Moon.

Moon spent hours admiring the stars in the sky, and to him, they were much more than astronomical bodies wandering through the infinite space. In his opinion, the stars glow to remind us that we are never alone. They are like "lighthouses" to guide us.

As time passed, his love for them increased so much that one day he began to want to become one of them.

And to accomplish his wish, he began to read books and talk to the wise Igneot, but unfortunately, Igneot did not know how to answer Moon’s questions.

As time passed his desire grew and along with it, also did his sadness.

He no longer felt the old joy that took his heart to look out of his window at the stars. Now, the only feeling that surrounded him was sadness, because he couldn't be with them. The flames that glittered in his tail and paws and overflowed in his smile began to die as the darkness grew inside his heart. There was no more smile on his face, only tears.

But as nothing in this life happens by chance, fate decided to interfere.
A shoyru named Kitha, who has always admired Moon and has always loved the light that came from the smile of that Ignalce noticed that something was wrong, that Moon was almost turning into a grey petpet.

She decided to help him.

Kitha: I know how you can become a star. You will find the answer underneath the Money Tree, located in Neopia Central.

When he heard this, his hope was reborn and certain that now he would get what he wanted so badly, he set off for Neopia Central.

As he reached the Central and looked at the Rainbow Pool, underneath the Money Tree, he felt a tightening in his heart, a mixture of anxiety and fear. What if it was a joke? A cruel joke of that Shoyru? But his heart said it was not.

Clinging to that, he walked, with all the faith that was in his heart, toward the Rainbow Pool, where he came upon a package.

Opening it, he found a letter addressed to him which read as follows:

"Why desire the brightness of the stars when your eyes have a greater brightness than the whole of them together?
Why do you want to light up a piece of heaven that another star already illuminates when it was given to you the mission of, alone, lighten the hearts of those lucky enough to have you in their lives? Why do you want to just be one more star among so many others who inhabit the firmament when you can be the guiding star of someone who needs light here, down Neopia?
Inside this package has a special gift for you. An Eventide Petpet Paint Brush. However, never forget that with or without it, you will always be a star. "

After reading the end of the letter, a tear ran from his eyes and that single tear, not part of any kind of sadness but from the joy that was now beginning to return to his heart, was the fuel that was missing for his smile to shine again. And he shone in a way that did not shine long ago, that when Moon realized it. He was now an Eventide Ignalce, and had become the path of light and stars to Kitha.

Kitha, watching from distance, smiled happily. She had managed to make her star shine again. Since then, Kitha and Moon are inseparable.

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