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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Telekinesis
Owner: vortexdragon09
Pet Name: VermilionTalon
Breed: Psimouse

About Telekinesis:
I've lived in Altador for as long as my memory spans. Whenever that angry Yurble janitor is not paying attention, I take my chance and race up towards the observatory. I like looking at the stars.

On a particular Wednesday I was poking around in the Altadorian Archives, when I saw the strangest thing. A Ghost Eyrie was talking to that old Lenny who ran the place. Ghost Neopets were supposed to live in the Haunted Woods! I stared, shocked. Suddenly, the Eyrie turned around. She saw me, but I could not move. "Hi there. Are you lost?" She asked. I shook my head.

"Why are you all the way in Altador?" The Ghost Eyrie was confusing me. Weren't Psimice Altadorian Petpets? "Oh. You must have been adopted from Spooky Petpets and then abandoned here. Sorry little guy. Want to come with me back to the Haunted Woods?" I remembered when an Altachuck told me that he had read a few pages of a Petpet encyclopedia, and saw my species in the spooky section. I thought it was a cruel joke, but maybe he was right.

I nodded, if I didn't like the Haunted Woods I could come back here. During the long trip to the Haunted Woods (I had a fear of heights, so Vermilion couldn't fly me there) I learned a lot about VermilionTalon. She preferred the name Vermilion, and she loved music. I adore the cello, violin, and piano as much as she does. Well, maybe not the piano. I debated over if I wanted her to be my owner.

When we arrived in the Haunted Woods, I was mystified. How could a place so... awesome... exist? I was directed to Vermilion's Neohome. It was rather simple. Some Neopian Music Store products were propped up against a wall. A large Ornate Grand Piano was resting in a corner.

"You can stay as long as you want. I don't mind. I don't get many visitors. I visit my sister during the Month of Swimming, so I'll pretty much be here always." Vermilion said. I wanted to stay here forever. I also liked Vermilion. "Do whatever you want I need to work on composing a nice spooky-themed piano piece." I began hopping on a sofa. It was fun.

After a tiring hour of hopping on a now worn out sofa, I crept outside. The air was a bit cold, but I liked it that way. This place was so much better than Altador. I looked at the stars. The one thing I would miss would be the observatory. "You like the stars too, huh. You are so similar my annoying sister. She spends all her time in Terror Mountain hunched over a telescope or star map." Vermilion stated. I resisted a laugh. "You plan on staying or not, not that I care too much... but..." I nodded. VermilionTalon smiled. Suddenly a loud noise occurred. The noise a breaking sofa makes. I wondered if Psimice can sell things for Neopoints. Maybe the Bug Brother's stash of Neopoints might not be too hard to find? I wonder where I can find the cheapest sofa...

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