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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Riyn
Owner: rock_urworld
Pet Name: Uvuia
Breed: Plushie Babaa

About Riyn:
There had been a recent outbreak in crime within Neopia Central, with a new band of Sloth worshippers entering the scene, and terrorizing local Neopians. Riyn found herself scared, and all alone. She had gotten separated from her family, ending up somewhere dark, the sounds of a large city surrounding her. Riyn and her family were on their way to find a new home, their previous abode overrun by criminals. Her coat was matted and dirty, a result of the puddles she had fallen in, trying to escape the noises that brought her fear. With the sound of chatter rapidly approaching her, Riyn scurried out of the dark alley she sought shelter in, and collided with a blue, looming figure. She landed with a thump, her legs splayed about her, and her head feeling dizzy. Looking up, she thought she saw a smiling face, squinting in the dark. She could barely muster up a sound, but managed a simple *Baa*.

“Oh my goodness, you are TOO CUTE!” Uvuia squealed, scooping Riyn up into her arms. The Babaa was terrified, trembling, as this stranger squeezed her enthusiastically. Uvuia quickly noticed Riyn’s discomfort, and placed her on the ground, lightly petting her head to signify she meant no harm. “Are you lost, little Babaa?” Uvuia enquired, and Riyn replied with a small *Baa*, a pitiful look upon her face.

Uvuia’s heart was melting, eager to save her new friend, knowing the loud city was a dangerous place to be lost in. Uvuia scooped Riyn back into her arms, determined to provide Riyn with some shelter. “We are going home, I will make sure you are safe” Uvuia exclaimed, with a sense of determination. Riyn was not sure what to make of this new figure in her life, but she appreciated the sense of comfort that Uvuia provided, and she replied by burying her face into Uvuia’s chest. She was not sure what the future would hold, but after meeting Uvuia, she knew it would be better.

Upon arriving at Uvuia’s home, Riyn felt overwhelming comfort in her new surroundings, with the darkness far behind her. In the light, Riyn was able to really see her rescuer, and examined the friendliest face she had ever encountered. Riyn felt at peace for the first time since becoming lost, and was soon surrounded by the many new friends Uvuia would bring into her life. She knew that others like her often became petpets, and while the idea had never appealed to her, she figured if it was someone like Uvuia she would not mind.

Wren never did find her family, but she did find everlasting friendship after that fateful night. Uvuia would grow to be like family to her, and Riyn would surely stay by her side forever. She gained so much in the process, including new friends, and a home that she knew would always be there. Uvuia does not consider herself to be Riyn’s savior, on the contrary, she also believes that Riyn helped save her. When asked to describe Riyn, Uvuia simply stated “My best friend, in the whole world”.

Since then, Uvuia and Riyn have shared many memorable moments together. Riyn learned that Uvuia also shared her love of books, and they often spent countless nights reading together. Their love for knowledge brought them together, and they went on countless adventures in search of more. Exploring the vast lands within Neopia, they both quenched their love of books, while also creating an inseparable bond. The power of friendship always prevails.

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