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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Taupe & Mauve
Owner: antonia22301
Pet Name: Disgrace
Breed: Whoot

About Taupe & Mauve:
It was a gloomy spring day in the outskirts of Meridell. There was a chilly breeze in the air and the clouds were handing low in the sky. There is a vast field that spreads to the horizon and white wildflowers that were just starting to bloom bend to the chilly breeze as though they were huddling together for warmth.

A small, grey Ixi popped her head up from below the grass and flowers. She looked around—her eyes darted around; finally she took off at a sprint across the field. The little Ixi seemed distressed as she galloped through the brush.

There was a small grouping of trees up a head of the Ixi and she slowed her pace to a walk as she neared the trees. Needing to catch her breath for a moment, she sat down under one of the large trees. Having paused for a moment, it seemed the grey Ixi’s emotions caught up with her and she began to cry.

Suddenly, a soft “whooo?” came from up above somewhere. The Ixi yelled and jumped and turned her head around to look for the source of the noise. Her erratic movement lead her to put her head straight through a Spyder’s web. She cried out again which caused the poor Spyder to scurry away into a bush. Although there was no immediate danger anymore from the multi-legged friend, some remnants of the web remained stuck on the Ixi’s horns.

A rustling and soft flutter of wings indicated that whatever had made the noise earlier was on the move. The Ixi was frozen for a moment, hoping the hidden creature had decided to move on and not make an Ixi omelette out of her. A rustle from behind her told her that was not the case. She whipped around faster than a Chia running from a Lupe and saw a magnificent creature staring down at her with big, black eyes.

The creature who was looking down at her was no scary beast, but was actually a light brown colored Whoot. His presence seemed to draw others into him and make the rest of the world fade into the background. “Whoooo are youuuu?” he said in a deep mellow tone.

“Oh!” the Ixi said quite in awe of the Whoot, “My name is Disgrace, but you can call me Grace I suppose.”

“Hulloooo Grace. I am Taupe. Why are youuuu crying?” he asked kindly.

Grace looked down, ashamed that he had caught her in such a sad state.

“Um, well you see… I lost my papa a bit ago,” she says, “We were separated east of Brightvale and I’m not sure how to get back there.”

“Ohooo! I knoooww that area well” the Whoot said to Grace, “Whooouuld youuu like my help?”

Slightly taken aback at his offer, Grace sniffled and stuttered, “Oh—That—that would be great!”

Mauve swooped down and landed on the ground next to Grace. “Alright noooww. Wipe your tears. We will find him. Doo not wooorry.”

And with that proclamation, the two soon-to-be close friends started off their new journey together.

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