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Meteor Star

by articuno_neo


Flying with my own wings? How would that feel? I am a Yellow Elephante. Just one of those ordinary ones… But… Well… I guess everyone has a story to tell. This is my story how I finally took flight. To the sky… To the stars.

     All my other friends, other Elephante’s of course, never bothered to try out their wings. The only thing they did was… sleep and eat. Sometimes they would come to my home to see me fly. I said that they had to try and fly. But they always would say ‘no’.

     Oh… I also forgot my name… It’s Awryn. I would also like to add a little part about my encourager, my trainer and most importantly, my owner. She was a girl with a lot of energy. And with a lot I really mean A LOT. She always bounced up and down in our Neohome. Sometimes, almost impossible bounces. She made me start flying.

     So now, you see me. A Elephante who has reached the sky, the stars and maybe even the moon. I say, it is impossible to feel it like I did without flying to the stars yourself. It is beautiful to see Neopia from the Space Station… But flying yourself is way better.

     Now for the story…

     It was a day like any other day. While doing my regular training, my owner's friend came. Her name was Arti. She also had four pets. They were watching me fly, making me nervous. Flying became harder… which was strange. I could fly perfectly normal when my friends were watching. This had to be special…

     Now, this certain yellow Zafara, 1992_, the pet of Arti, was really annoying. But he really was trying to help me. When I landed, he gave me a little catapult. He said, “Maybe this can launch you even higher then Kreludor.”

     My first thought was that that was a ‘rude’ comment on me being… ‘fat’….. Mind you, Elephante’s are not fat, they are just big-boned. I became a little mad at the Zafara, which he soon enough noticed, because I sat down on him. After that… well, let’s say that there may have been a few holes in our Neohome walls if my owner and Arti didn’t stop us from fighting.

     I started flying again, but now I felt less nervous. I also had a lot more energy because of my little rage back there… it was also becoming late. I felt a cold breeze, making me shake a little. Then, I saw a shooting star. It was really cool, the first time I had ever seen one in my entire life!

     I felt happy. Then, I started my trip. I noticed the stare of my owner, Arti and her four pets in my back, but I continued. It started to become immensely cold. Breathing became harder… Was I in space? I think I was. I saw Kreludor… Really close. I then accidentally dropped something, but it floated up. It was the catapult 1992_ had given me. I grabbed it, then I felt more power as I continued to fly. I had almost reached Kreludor. It was so close… I reached out my paw, but then stones came flying towards me.

     There was going to be a meteor rain.

     “NO!” I shouted. But I didn’t hear anything. I then tried to fly away, but the meteors were faster. I noticed that red lights were turned on on Kreludor. I looked behind me and saw that the meteors were nearing. I was sure, so sure that I would make it to the moon this time. But I was wrong. I won’t make it, I thought sadly.

     Then, a small stone hit me. It knocked me towards Kreludor. I was just… about five meters away from Kreludor. This was the most exciting moment. I then saw a yellow glow surrounding me. The catapult pulled my hand up, aiming at the biggest meteor that was heading for me. Then, a faerie acorn appeared, and the catapult fired it.

     It hit the meteor. I really hoped it would explode, but instead, it changed direction and headed into the darkness. It was gone. I thought everything was over. That was the moment I started having serious trouble with breathing. I felt myself becoming cold… I had to continue to fly. Just to keep me warm. I totally forgot about my goal, about everything. I continued to Kreludor.

     I felt myself being raised. I resisted and I lowered again. I then landed on Kreludor. I fell on the ground. I then knew I had reached my goal. But then I fainted.


I woke up in a bed. Not a NeoHospital one, but my own. I turned my head and saw 1992_. The ‘pesky’ Zafara. I felt the need to thank him.

     “Thank you.”

     “No problem.”

     I was feeling extremely exhausted and I wanted to sleep until I wasn’t tired anymore. I closed my eyes and waited. Yet, I stayed awake. I then came out of my bed, walked around a bit and felt better. It was probably the blanket. I sighed and left my room. I heard some whispers and some footsteps.

     I then wanted to fly as quickly possible downstairs and see who made the sounds. I did it, but my wings were too tired. I fell down halfway, making me roll down. I was confused, but quickly stood up. I had pain, but I picked up a smell. A peanutty smell. I opened the door to the living room of our Neohome. I saw all kinds of decorations. Stars and moons. I also saw my friends. Some of them were already trying to fly.

     “Cool,” I said dryly. “But… Why?”

     “Because you reached Kreludor,” my owner said. “You had the determination to do it…”

     “I really reached it?” I then asked.

     “Yes. I have proof,” she said, as she gave me a little stone. It was a piece of the meteor.

     “But… what will we do about the broken window?” Arti asked.

     “We’ll see about that later,” my owner replied.

     I smiled. I had reached my goal. But now, I wanted to do more challenges.

     “Hey…” I started. “What do you think about a trip from the Lost Desert to the Space Station?”

     “WHA!?” I heard from everyone in the living room.

     “Just kidding!” I smirked and ran back to my room.

     Then, I seriously started making plans for my next trip. It took a lot of time, work and most of my free time. I also practiced flying longer and soon I could just fly as long as I wanted. Well, maybe not, but I could fly pretty long.

     While I was practicing, a Pteri landed in our backyard. He then chased me trough the air. It was like he was showing off how perfect he could fly.

     “You want a contest?” he asked immediately as we landed on the ground.

     “Well… okay,” I responded. We rested for a while, ate something light and waited some more. We then took flight. The Pteri was faster than me, but I could fly longer. I flew higher than our Neohome and watched the Pteri land on one of our trees. I then flew down again, grinning.  “That was easy,” I said sheepishly. The Pteri smiled, his eyes had a sort of ‘thank you’ glow. He then flew away, leaving me alone in the yard. I then went inside, ended my practice. Now… this was my story. And it is as good as a bag of peanuts, don’t you think?

The End

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