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150 Things To Do When Bored In Neopia

by roxycaligirl101


In a world full of pirates, Faeries, and knights the world of Neopia can get humdrum and BORING! You realize this after your fifth game of Pyramids and watching the grass grow outside of your Neohome, you need something to do. Performing your regular routine won't cure your boredom, it'll only make it worse. You need something different, slightly crazy, mischievous, and exciting to scare the lackluster away. Well, this list is for you. It is guaranteed to cure your boredom. If it doesn't then, you must be really dull and that's not my fault. Now, away we go to cure the dullness in your dreary life with a 150 Things To Do When Bored In Neopia.

150- Browse the Gallery of Evil and draw mustaches all over the pictures.

149- Find the infamous fire Kougras, Fire Paw and Tyran Far (Tyrannian Shopkeeper) and challenge them to a nice wet game of Gormball.

148- Send Dr. Frank Sloth, "Dear Roxy" letters.

147- Go sunbathing on the light side of Kreludor.

146- Make a sandcastle in the Lost Desert. There is plenty of sand to go around.

145- Play Spell or Starve while you munch on some popcorn.

144- Keep up all with all your correspondences.

143- Go to Hidden Tower and try convincing Fyora to put items on lay away for you.

142- Play Hasee Bounce and only catch dung and other foreign gross objects.

141- Go bet on the Poogle Races and bet on #2 until he wins.

140- Play Meriball and see how many times you can get knocked out by the burrowing Symbols without losing the match.

139- Start a dung collection.

138- Go Kiss A Mortog!

137- Try and receive a quest from Jhudora wearing an "I Love Illusen T-shirt."

136- Bring Umma Bunga a gift, it's his birthday soon.

135- Start a band. If Sticks 'N Stones can hit it big, anyone can.

134- Go skiing or snowboarding at Terror Mountain.

133- Go crowd surfing at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

132- Crash a party at 145861 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central.

131- At the Mystery Island Training School, try and use Dubloons to pay for your lessons. I swear you'll get the funniest look from Master Techo when you do this.

130- Travel to Mystery Island dressed as a pirate and wander about screaming about the Golden Dubloon and your other scallywags in your best pirate voice.

129- Attempt to kidnap all the White Weewoos from Krawk Island because you love The Neopian Times so much.

128- Search for buried treasure.

127- Try and win the Caption Competition with a single word.

126- Tell everyone you meet the famous catch phrase (created by myself), "May the Borovan be with you."

125- Get a fake sword and pretend you are Sir Fufon Lui and challenge every Neopet you see to a duel.

124- Borrow Shoonee's arrows and bow to play Ultimate Bullseye.

123- Instead of playing Ultimate Bullseye, use Shoonee's magical arrows on your annoying neighbors. That'll teach them to tell you not to play in their yard.

122- Play Round Table Poker and tell the others what cards you have in your hand.

121- Cook up the most disgusting thing you can think of and sell it in the Haunted Woods. If Parts on Pizza can sell, anything can.

120- Reconnect with your childhood and play in a sandbox.

119- Go trick-or-treating not on Halloween.

118- Play JubJub Blackjack and hit every time, no matter what cards you have.

117- Try and get some freebies from the Money Tree.

116- Strive to start and in depth conversation with the Esophagor about the meaning of life.

115- Challenge the Snowager to a dance off.

114- Attempt to sell Edna (the Witch) beauty products.

113- Stare up at the clouds and see what shapes you can make out in them.

112- Borrow the official Kreludor flag from Dr. Sloth and fly it in your backyard.

111- Play Splat-A-Sloth for three hours straight.

110- Try and convince the Round Poker Table crew to play Go Fish with you.

109- Start a gallery.

108- Donate to the Money Tree.

107- Paint rocks to look like Neggs and try and exchange them at Neggery for tokens.

106- Read The Neopian Times.

105- Leave a toothbrush and toothpaste at the door of Count Von Roo. Every vampire needs to have clean teeth. If you do something nice for him, maybe he won't bite you.

104- Play Sutek's Tomb until you can hum the background music without error.

103- Grab some bright colored spandex, gloves, mask, and a cape and become a Super Hero. Don't forget that you need a cool name for your super hero alter ego.

102- Grab a rope swing or a vine and swing like a Mynci.

101- Dress up like a Jetsam and scare the tourists on the Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

100- Show up to Terror Mountain Ski Resort with a bathing suit, sun block, sunglasses, and beach towel.

99- Start a snowball fight with a Neopian Staff Member or their Neopets. Beware of Pop Tart though, she's got one great arm.

98- Go give the Brain Tree a hug, he claims he wants knowledge but all he wants is a little lurve.

97- Play soccer with a Funnydew Melon.

96- Sit back and smell the Rowzez.

95- Play the Wheel of Monotony and pull up a lounge chair, a Large Melman Smoothie, a bag of Crisps and a couple of magazines and books. If you have to wait, wait in style.

94- Celebrate. Celebrate Faeries, Neopets, Angelpi, dung, anything. Just get out there be creative and celebrate.

93- If you see a cool username, send someone a nice Neomail telling them how creative you think it is.

92- Venture over to the local Karaoke Club and sing it up.

91- Surf on an ironing board.

90- Take a nap, you're never too old for a nap.

89- Take a posture/balancing call from the Shopkeeper of Sutek's Scrolls. He has mad skills!

88- Go skateboarding on the Virtupet Space Station and use Grundos as your own personal half pipe.

87- Make a beachfront bon fire.

86- Offer to take over for the Auction Genie so he can drop off his dry cleaning.

85- Enter the Annual Happy Valley Skating Competition skateless.

84- Play patty cake with a Ghost Neopet.

83- Take a relaxing dip in the Wishing Well.

82- Help the Soup Faerie come up with new recipes for the poor little hungry Neopets.

81- Be a spectator at the Fire Breathing Meerca's show.

80- Have a Disco Dance Party and invite every Disco Painted Pet you see or know.

79- Make Snow Angels.

78- Discover the wonderful world of diary products (smoothies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, milk, etc.) unless you're lactose intolerant then, discover the wonderful world of vegetables.

77- Hula!

76- Hitch a ride with a flying Neopet and soar into the wild blue yonder.

75- Submit the most random questions you can think of to the Editorial section.

74- Gather up a group of people of your gender and start a prank war with a group of the opposite gender.

73- Play Truth or Dare.

72- Do some spring cleaning, even if it isn't spring.

71- Shop, there are millions of shops in Neopian, try and visit every one.

70- Deep sea diving, it's really a splash.

69- Start a collection of a random item and see how many you can get.

68- Play some dodge ball.

67- Start the biggest game of Capture the Flag possible.

66- Water Balloons…make, throw and eat 'em.

65- Play Word Poker without using any letters or words.

64- Hike it up!

63- Stock up on beauty products, you can never be too beautiful.

62- Learn the beautiful language of Tyrannian.

61- Play Double or Nothing with a two sided coin. Make sure to use it in your favor though.

60- Leave flowers at the Game Graveyard.

59- Visit the many different arenas of Battledome.

58- Whip out your trick dice when playing against those pesky pirates at Bilge Dice.

57- Sample the many different cakes of Neopia, there are at least two hundred different flavors.

56- Go hot tubbing in the Mystery Island Cooking Pot.

55- Visit the Giant Omelette. Free food, need I say more?

54- Tap dance for the Money Tree. If the Turmaculus enjoys it, the Money Tree will love it.

53- Tell Coltzan thank you for all he has done. Ghosts have feelings, too.

52- Put flowers in all the vases at Osiri's Pottery Shop.

51- Role-play. Nothing cures boredom like becoming someone else who isn't bored.

50- Store away some Neopoints for a rainy day.

49- Eat a hot dog.

48- Have a yard sale, get rid of that old junk. One person's garbage is another's treasure.

47- Travel to Faerieland to see the silver lining on the clouds.

46- Borrow a garden hose and create your own rainy day to play in.

45- Dress up like a calculator and go around solving math problems for others.

44- Have a burping contest with your friends. You'd be surprised who wins!

43- Yell "Yurble" over and over again at the top of your lungs for no reason.

42- For one whole day, only say words that begin with the letter Z.

41- Discover the other side of Neopia, there is worlds of possibilities over there.

40- Figure out what happens to all the missing socks.

39- Color. You can never be too old to color.

38- Check up on old new pages. You'd be surprised what came out yesterday, a month ago, or even a couple years ago.

37- Invest in the stock market.

36- Play Kacheek Seek with Tyrela Softpaw.

35- Track Nereid the Water Faerie off the coast of Mystery Island to hear her sing. It's a harder task than you think, it'll keep you busy for hours.

34- Watch a sunset and sunrise. It's too beautiful not to watch.

33- Pay a Uni to be your noble steed and enter a jousting contest. Trust me, there is nothing more fun than a joust.

32- Rake up all the leaves you can find and make one huge piles. Then, gather up all your friends, Neopets, petpets, and plushies and go a leaf diving.

31- Go cast your vote at the Neopian Beauty Expo.

30- Go snorkeling off the coast of Mystery Island.

29- Spin in circles.

28- Play Neoquest I or II. That thing will keep you busy for days, hours, or

possibly a year! WARNING: It is addictive.

27- Lead a gang of Ghoul Catchers on a mission to the capture the Ghost Lupe.

26- Be a caddy for miniature golf.

25- Use a Zaptwig as a toothpick.

24- Challenge the Quiggle Strongman to a weight lifting contest, you could out lift him.

23- Perform random acts of kindness. Donate a quest item to a needy person, send someone an item on their wish list for their gallery, and give candy to helpful people on the quest boards or a shopkeeper with super low prices.

22- Clichés. Need I say more?

21- Invite the Haiku Kougra and the Mystery Island Mystic over for tropical drinks at your place.

20- Start a celebrity baseball game, remember not to leave Princess Fernypoo out.

19- Go to the chat boards and make a friend or discover a n00b, whatever happens first.

18- Volunteer at the Neopian Hospital and make a sick Neopet have a better stay.

17- Take a walk around the park.

16- Borrow Zygorax's X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bot to use in Battledome. You're opponent won't know how to stop you unless they have Evil Fuzzle equipped.

15- Practice your vocal skills to appear in the next musical of the Times.

14- Buy Taelia the Snow Faerie a portable heater so she can stop bugging Neopets to do quests for her, she'll finally be able to wander outside and get her own stuff.

13- Howl at the moon, it's not just for Werelupes anymore.

12- Buy a bunch of fake teeth and cash them in to the Tooth Faerie.

11- Roll the fog in.

10- Salsa with Lord Darigan. He's not simsman24000 but he does know his moves.

9- Dress up like your favorite Usuki and get ready for Usukicon.

8- Lock the Pant Devil in a closet. The closet is for monsters after all.

7- Play Ultimate Frisbee with a Spiced Apple Pie, who would actually eat one of those?

6- Take a bath, don't forget your Battle Duck.

5- Borrow some paint from Mr. Lupid and paint the town green.

4- Become a Sir Jeran impersonator, dress up exactly like the blue Lupe with armor and all walk through the streets of Neopian Central. Mobs of crazed fans, Meridell fans and Jeran-haters will flock to your side.

3- Draw pictures with permanent marker on the glass floor of the Glass Bottom Boat at Kiko Lake.

2- Eat an Attack Pea. I hear they are quite tasty.

1- Write an article about 150 Things To Do When Bored In Neopia. It worked for me, didn't it? *wink*

Happy 150th Issue everyone!

Author's Note: #23 was inspired by a post made by Patjade. I just wanted to make sure she got proper credit for helping me out with my article even though she did it unintentionally. Thanks for the inspiration, Patjade.

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