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Short Stories

A Final Goodbye

"Naomi, eh?" Despite how quiet the comment was, you had heard me loud and clear. Good ears, you always did have. When I didn't reply to you, you added, "I really like that name."

by chocolateisamust

A Toast To My Existence

"I really want to know... If my existence means anything at all. I want to know what it would be like if I wasn't born!"

by chaos_jess

Bobo and the Big Drop

"I’m gonna do a quest. I’ll meet you in Happy Valley -- you can see if the Snowager’s sleeping if you want."

by doogofdoom

Korby's Change

"Well, if he won't change by himself, why don't we change him?"

by meowbowj

Meteor Star

It started to become immensely cold. Breathing became harder… Was I in space? I think I was. I saw Kreludor... really close.

by articuno_neo

The Great Dung Fest

Today was the 17th annual Great Dung Fest, a festivity where everyone could hang out, play games, test out new foods, and honour the one and only item… DUNG!

by blubblub317

The Masked Moehog

Of course! That had to be the answer! He was the Masked Moehog and he had been called to this rather dull looking reality to right some dastardly wrong.

by tambourine_chimp

The Origin of the Grey Pets

Chet found the fire section and readied himself. He watched as other pets gathered eagerly around the magical waters...

by arula100

The Turmaculus Ate My Snowbunny

Grundioy knew it was completely her own fault. She should never have risked her best friend in the hopes of a few measly Neopoints, or an item or two, or whatever junk the Turmaculus promised...

by joey200010

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"The Masked Moehog" by tambourine_chimp

"Of course! That had to be the answer! He was the Masked Moehog."...

Other Stories


Choosing the Right Neolodge for Your Pet and Your Wallet
What do you do? What to choose? Well, perhaps this guide will help.

by arula100


Shop Rejects – Shops that Never Made It
Taking a piece of stray paper from the pathway and fishing out my Air Faerie Pen, I started scribbling down shops that should be created.

by chocolateisamust


Eternal Spirit: Part One
“Keena,” my father said, wiping his mouth on his napkin. “I have some very, very good news.”

by erileen


Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part One
That was the one of the odd things about Terskun. He never spoke. Well, almost never.

by chipster33


Lupe Tricks
Lupes don't do tricks.

by pikapalooza


The Apple
Healthy? Yeah right!!!

by tweety1234561

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