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A Petpet Encyclopedia Volume S - Z

This is also the last petpet Encyclopedia. So far we've had volumes A - E, F - K and L - R, but now here comes the last volume of the edition of a Petpet Encyclopedia...

by playmobil_is_my_life

Choosing the Right Neolodge for Your Pet and Your Wallet

What do you do? What to choose? Well, perhaps this guide will help.

by arula100

Faeries That You Will Never See

"Queen Fyora said she couldn't tell us about the secret faeries nobody knows about for security reasons, but she gave me a list of faeries who applied for certain jobs around Neopia and were turned down."

by stoneman3x

How to Make Lunch in Neopia

The first thing to learn is how to make food for yourself and your pet(s). Breakfast would be the first on the menu...

by merlin775

Introducing The REAL Villains Of Neopia!

Out there in that somewhat mysterious world that we reside in, are some really evil villains who affect people and pet's lives every day, and guess what? They themselves aren't even considered as villains!

by blubblub317

Little Less Conversation, Little More Trading Action

Traders, restockers and casual sellers can sell their wares that have acquired from refreshing the shops for restocks, and so on and so forth on the Trading Post. But selling and trading is easier said than done.

by plushieowner

Pricing with the Shop Wizard

Advice on using the Shop Wizard for selling your items, and getting the kind of price and sale speed you want.

by arbok2000

Shop Rejects – Shops that Never Made It

Taking a piece of stray paper from the pathway and fishing out my Air Faerie Pen, I started scribbling down shops that should be created.

by chocolateisamust

Snowmuncher Game Tips

Do you need that avatar from Snowmuncher, but can barely get above 3000? Or do you just want a trophy?

by battle_c


Now, what do these two Neopian citizens -- both feared for different reasons -- have in common?

by chocolateisamust

You Are What You Eat (Or What You Get Eaten By)

You can only ever eat blobs that are smaller than you, and must control this fledgling Chomby using your arrow keys, eating more and more jellies and becoming progressively larger...

by net_dude

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Booking Your Stay

Neolodges. The wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) places where your Neopet can stay when you're gone for a long period of time. You're about to set them up in a place to stay when you see the dropdown list of your options. Your brain is fizzled, so you say, "Well, I'll get back to that." Therefore you move on, seeing the list of upgrades. Your brain circuits are now fried. What do you do?...

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The Great Dung Fest
Today was the 17th annual Great Dung Fest, a festivity where everyone could hang out, play games, test out new foods, and honour the one and only item… DUNG!

by blubblub317


Korby's Change
"Well, if he won't change by himself, why don't we change him?"

by meowbowj


Eternal Spirit: Part One
“Keena,” my father said, wiping his mouth on his napkin. “I have some very, very good news.”

by erileen


Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part One
That was the one of the odd things about Terskun. He never spoke. Well, almost never.

by chipster33


Lupe Tricks
Lupes don't do tricks.

by pikapalooza


The Apple
Healthy? Yeah right!!!

by tweety1234561

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