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Short Stories

Brain Tree’s origin.

The questions of this enigmatic tree have been answered by many neopians but…how did it turn into a brain tree? Here’s the story:

by jacquelineramrez
Fright Show (For the Halloween issue)

It's a cold October evening. The leaves are falling in front of you. You're walking the same path you've traveled before except something is different.

by wickedsadgirl
The Spirit of the Haunted Woods

“I promise you that there is no need to worry about our new guest here, Lugus. He should pose no concern to the court nor the king nor any and all the people of Altador, I can assure you!”

by breadlad
Nothing is Scarier than a Halloween Brat

It was Halloween night, and Walda the Baby Kacheek was sitting at home with a glum expression on her face. While her friends were out trick-or-treating, she was being punished for misbehavior which may or may not have included a chocolate-induced sugar rush. “Grounded on Halloween!” she exclaimed to herself. “This stinks!”

by _brainchild_
Have an Ice Halloween!

It was Halloween on Terror Mountain.

Well, it was Halloween everywhere, of course, but the point is, our story begins on Terror Mountain. Snow-covered jack-o-lanterns were displayed outside each house, and all the trick-or-treaters were trying to figure out how to make their costumes look good over warm coats and hats.

by cruthmac

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Who Rules the Haunted Woods?

The Haunted Woods encompass an absolutely massive swath of land in southern Neopia. From the Werelupe Woods to the halls of Castle Nox, most of the Haunted Woods is ruled by local Lords, Ladies, and other kinds of nobility who govern their own patches of land. While the Haunted Woods has no formally declared ruler, is there someone who stands out above the rest as a de facto leader? I’ll be evaluating the arguments for and against the leadership of a number of powerful Neopians who call the Haunted Woods their home. Perhaps it would be prudent to introduce the main fiefdoms of the Haunted Woods. There is the Haunted Woods proper, where characters like Edna the Witch, Eliv Thade, the Esophager, and the Brain Tree live. Then there’s the Deserted Fairground, where one can find all sorts of shopkeepers and carnival booth operators. Most notably, the castle and property of Hubrid Nox sits on the outskirts of the fairgrounds, just beyond where normal Neopets would dare to travel. Then there’s the Gypsy Camp, which showed up a few years ago and guards the entryway to Neovia.

Other Stories


The Top 10 Neopets Halloween Paint Brush Costumes
Halloween is upon us!! My favorite holiday!! With that comes one of the most popular paint brush colours of all time: Halloween!

by smoothie_king_xiii


The Dark Lord's Feast
Lord Scarsandre reveals his favorite foods.

by krabbox


The Becoming of the Royal Thief:Part Two
What happens when one side of your life meets the other?

by k3l26


Tor & Roberta's Halloween Misadventure
It was a crisp and chilly day in Neopia. The sounds of crackling leaves, hissing Meowclops, and the smell of hot Borovan was around every corner. It was the morning of Halloween.

by coco_chanaynay


What Are The Odds: Seasonal
'Tis the season for bad dietary choices.

by malochroma


A Spooky Halloween
... But what if I picked Bites?

by ghostkomorichu

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