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Short Stories

Fyora's Regrets

Queen Fyora knew that it was a bad idea to bring Kaia to Faerieland.

Practically everybody in Faerieland was wary about Kaia from the start.

by chasing_stars44

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"The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Four" by cosmicfire918
Eunji had never seen anything like Muyang Brook Fortress. Its rammed-earth walls were thicker than she was tall, and instead of the bright reds and greens of her temple home, the materials that made up the fortress were more subdued and sombre in colour. Overall it gave the impression of being a very severe place. The officers who stared at the group as they passed by did not help matters much, either. Wai Ren's residence within the complex was a little livelier, with golden Belonthiss statues perched at the points of its tile roofs and a small garden in the courtyard. The interior of the mansion was decorated with all manner of works of art—jade carvings, elaborate metalwork, and painstakingly crafted silk tapestries. Ganzorig admired all of this as well, and although Min tried to remain focused on her objective, it was clear that their opulent surroundings awed the farmgirl. The general gave orders to a servant to prepare a large lunch, and then led his guests to a banquet room that looked out on the courtyard. Here, a myriad of pillows were arranged around a low table. Eunji flinched—something was warping the flow of energy here.

Other Stories


Neoquest 2: The Lost Desert Sprint Through
Part 3/5 of Neoquest 2 series

by califorthehomeless


6 Foods to Celebrate this Tyrannian Victory Day
Ugga aka-aka ugga-gal! Happy Tyrannian Victory Day! It is on this day that Neopia celebrates the culture of the Tyrannia and the defeat of the ferocious Monoceraptor.

by brekln


The Found CIty:Part Two
“Would you like something to drink?” Jake asked.

by unfogging


The Witch's Cookbook
The swamps of the Haunted Woods glow a fantastic golden green when the afternoon sun penetrates the canopy. Instead of the menace the fogs take on at other times of the day, in the afternoons all burn away, and the surface of the water takes on an emerald gleam.

by brilliantgrey


We're All Guilty of This!
It does seem to make life a little easier...

by dukula


A freshly-painted Kiko

Also by 01_batatinha_01

by lukinhas2007

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