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Short Stories

Today is the Day

"Today is the day," I whisper confidently. "Today is the day."

by shadyy15
Friday Game Night

For those who are unaware of the King of Cards origin, his story began on a particular Friday game night...

by vanquishee

As she ran, Faerieland fell.

by phoenix_through_fire
Usuki Singing Stars #22: Grade School Rivals

"My name is Ms. Una, and I will be your first grade teacher. I hope all of you are eager to begin your very first class in the NSOD!"

by downrightdude
Shattering Darkness

Once, his people called him Lord Darigan. They used to be prosperous, happy, knowing nothing of war or disease or the thousands of things that plagued the world...

by likelife96
The Interview

Today, after many years, we have possibly found the bakery where the so-called "Birthday Aisha" lives.

by sushicat1__20
Without a Care in the World

"You know, Thomas," she said, "growing up is an adventure. And I wouldn't want to miss it for anything."

by reiqua
Run Like Mad

A five kilometer run! Inna broke into a broad smile. She was one of the fastest runners at Neoschool.

by crabcake123
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"Today is the Day" by shadyy15
After slamming my fist on the alarm clock, I forcefully rub the sleep from my eyes. "Today is the day," I whisper confidently. "Today is the day." I throw back the covers and bound to my feet. Walking towards the window I pull back the hangings and observe the street below...

Other Stories


White Weewoos: The Ideal Petpet
There are hundreds of petpets out there in Neopia, all perfectly worthy of being your beloved Neopet's new petpet. But how do you go about choosing the right one for your pet?

Also by drobit

by bha288


Bashful Babaas
The task of helping your Neopet choose the perfect petpet is never an easy one and a variety of factors must be taken into account before settling on your Neopet's perfect companion.

by neuroticat42


The Obsidian Sword: An Unusual Quest
I've gone maybe a quarter mile when I stumble upon an overgrown trail. I almost passed it right by. I would have, if Stephen hadn't smacked me in the head and pointed at it.

by lizzy_beth_750551


Lupe Pack Detectives-Counterfeit: Part Two
It was on the third day when a letter from Virtupets arrived with our daily mail from Cirrus. Knowing how important it was to the investigation, I quickly opened the envelope...

by lupe_hunter_7


Make A Wish
So, much how did you want?

Also by vitorplemes

by saudadesdagripe


Feeling Left Out
His standards are too high for my rubbish...

by classicmess

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