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Short Stories

Tyrannian by Any Other Paint

The giggling gaggle of young Aishas and Usuls put Epsilonic on edge, and rightly so.

by almedha
Shadows in Shenkuu

"I assume you know why you have been summoned here."

by mecha_fang
A Smoothie and Some Nausea

So two faeries walk into a cafe... and things kind of go downhill from there.

by yoshifan272
A Heart of Gold

It was nearly time. The whole of Lutari Island was abuzz with the excitement. One more day!

by coookie18471
The Blumaroo With The Future In Her Eyes

It's raining. It's raining on this land wet by tears.

by martia_elior
Usuki Singing Stars #18: Sparkles' Secret Society

A pink Kacheek ran over to Sparkles and grabbed her arm. "Sparkles, there you are! Come on, we have to go to the Soup Kitchen or else we won't be able to ladle soup to the elderly pets!"

by downrightdude
A Poogle's Tale

My name is ckatackatackata. Yes, I realize it's a mouthful, so for your sake as well as my sanity, you're welcome to just call me Tacka.

by mucka33
Becoming A Chomby

A humourous, but completely factual and not at all fabricated about a Gnorbu and his transformation.

by browneyedninja
Life's A Stage

He brushed off his sweat-covered brow with his paw and adjusted his goggles. "There, that should do it..."

by opossumman
Tales of the Monoceraptor

The rock was harsh and unforgiving against her lower spine, but Ugga-Lulu sat still regardless, mesmerized...

by nycflowergirl
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Tyrannia Brochure

Have you ever wondered how Neopians lived thousands of years ago? Have you tried to return to your primal roots? While you can't go back in time, you can do the next best thing with a vacation to Tyrannia, Neopia's past in the present day! Home to last year's Altador Cup winners and the location of the regular Obelisk skirmishes, it's easy to see why Tyrannia has skyrocketed in popularity recently. Tyrannia is more than just a place where battlers and sport enthusiast assemble, though...

Other Stories


Top 10 Tyrannian Neopets
May 12th is Tyrannian Victory Day, and to celebrate, we're going to count down the top ten pets which can be painted Tyrannian!

by unlaced_


Top Five Strangest Events in Neopia
There is truly never a dull moment in this realm. However, some experiences are stranger than others.

by yami_wolfwood


The Golden Quill: Part One
All she could hear was the rain beating on the windows. Her mind was oddly distant, given that she was writing a memoir of her past.

by ewagon


The Merchant's Mayhem: Part Five
"Look, Daddy!" Felicia pointed out towards the sea. "It's another ship!"

by crazy_4_sushi


Hello, Mother
It keeps staring at me!!

by osaaru


Of Vaalor: Petpet Arena
Go for a headshot!

by theme_guy

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