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Short Stories

Boiling Point

"What's wrong, Whiskers?" he cooed softly. "Skip your nap this morning? Why don't you just give up? You're clearly exhausted..."

by bitsy_dj
Simpleglade Hollow – The Not So Great Toe Caper

Lurking beneath the surface of this quaint little town is a deep and dark mystery to be solved... or is there?

by neverhood_grim
A Week At Cockroach Towers

But this story isn't about how I think our life was good. This story is about the week that wasn't so good...

by pippin_me
An End and a Beginning - A True Story

It hit me. She wasn't joking or kidding around. She'd done pound jokes like this before, but...

by waterhime
The Star and Flame Chronicles: Team Work

Spring had finally sprung! Now was the time to dig up wild plants, now was the time to race around outside, now was the time to garden!

by reeses_pet
Shadows Rising

An Usul seeks remembrance in the history books, but she finds that it's not called the Forbidden Mountain for nothing...

by cookybananas324
Smash: The Way of My Life

Smash was everything a guy wanted to be, for if you were the king of Smash, you were the king of the school...

by rotty_paws
Large and (Supposedly) in Charge

Kata and I dashed over to the source of the voice, and were greeted by Faeries. Hundreds of Faeries...

by kotaeia
A New Friend...?

As if on cue, a rather large ixi acorn crashed through the window...

by eschebone
The Dance Teacher

All Mirandela really wanted was a chance to dance in public, on a stage. But every single theatre, dance or musical company in Neopia Central had their doors closed...

by northenlights120
The Trouble with Being Ordinary

They had never really cared about looking different. They were happy with the ordinary color of red...

by singeralltheway

"You know, finding the Neopian treasure would be so cool," Celeste said, staring into space with a dreamy look...

by rainbow8476
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"Boiling Point" by bitsy_dj
"You must make a pot of tea. That is how you will defeat Kai. Follow me." Lynn wasn't sure what to think, but she followed Ryshu to the training grounds. He told her to sit in the middle of the sparring ring. She sat and waited, wondering just how making a pot of tea would help her defeat Kai. Ryshu returned with a kettle, a fire mote, a bucket of water, a jade teapot with two cups, and a canister of green tea leaves. Ryshu set up the items the way one would when they were preparing a cup...

Other Stories


Darigan Neopets: Vicious or Just Misunderstood?
I've written up three truths to convince you that Darigan neopets really aren't all that bad- and can actually be your loyal companions for quite some time, if you'd give them the chance.

by the_past___


The Battledome: An In-depth Guide
Today's weapons are not as strong as they appear. This current stage is causing major inflation and deflation in pricing.

by virtualbori


Family Secrets: Part Four
It appalled me. I thought I had raised him better. I thought I had raised all of my children better...

by dan4884


Reshar Collifay: A Star in the Making - Part Six
"Now fans," the announcer said, "LET'S PLAY SOME YOOYUBALL!"

by samschelfhout2


The Class of '08 Part Twelve
Wait, what?

by _dead_meat_x_


The Valley of Spam

by chichikokoyamma

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