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New Series

Nonlinear Companions: Dawn: Part One

I wasn’t prepared for the exam, neither was I prepared for Westron to come bumbling into my life. I was lazing on a grassy bank, notes spread about me, debating internally on where I should begin, when I heard a strange sound behind me, I turned to see what had caused it. There was a tree nearby and from the base of it I could see a sneakered foot poking out from behind. I knew at that point someone was spying on me.

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by _starryeyedsurprise_

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"The World We Won" by the_furreh_one
Masses of Neopians huddled in the streets; some fearful, some bitter and resigned. Some petpets stayed close to their owners, snapping at the pink beasts which kept the groups in line, others stuck close to their owners for some sort of comfort. Around the group, dozens of Meepits in all sorts of colors herded the Neopians into small groups, their expressions dull and exhausted, many longing to return to the luxury of a quiet Neohome and the comforting yet boring discussion of evil plots that seemed too ridiculous to ever pass. Who would have thought that the Meepits would have won? (Whoever called ruling the world glamorous is a liar.) The invasion had happened so fast, it almost felt like a dream - the kind that's disjointed, and leave you only half-remembering shadowy visions and bright lights. It started with a call to unite, swaying other petpets who felt mistreated or neglected to a united cause. They had to keep it subtle; they couldn't have had the Sway find out about their plan, not after the last time. They started by discreetly disposing of any great leaders they could, as fast as possible before anyone found out. By the time they had managed to finally track down capture the Duchess, Neopia had fallen into panic with no one to lead them. It's surprisingly easy to take charge over a world of hysterics, but far harder to keep order. No one kept track of who fell in the first few days. Most petpets who joined the cause of the Meepits defected back to their Neopet owners, whether it be due to regret, fear, or a simple desire to avoid the blame. But eventually, things were sorted out somewhat, and most of the fiercest rebels had been put out of commission. Yes, the Meepits had won, and now ruled over Neopia with iron paws. So... why weren't they happy? Within a somewhat worn-down home in Neopia Central, a Jelly Meepit practically squished her face against the slightly cracked glass of the window, internally thanking herself for not signing up for the Meepit-Neopian Order Unit. Behind her, a Starry Meepit rummaged through a toppled drawer, stressed as could be.

Other Stories


Meal Pending
Alabaster watched the stone doorway intently from around the corner. He could smell the tasty aroma of the Breakfast Croissant wafting out of the shop. His stomach growled at the thought of a piece of Real Cheese Cheesecake. Alabaster licked his lips when he heard the sound of a can of fizzling Elderberry Achyfi being poured. This was practically a form of torture.

by meeshell362


National Cupcake Day
Marina is the faerie who guards The Healing Springs and lets neopets take a dip in the springs when they become sick or weak. For her whole life, she has always stayed relatively close to the springs and has never spent any significant amount of time away from them. Due to this fact, she was unaware of what would happen to her if she were ever away from The Healing Springs for a long period of time.

by she_chose_love


Professional Usul Skiing - A Retrospective
With another Usul Skiing Season rapidly approaching, now is a great time to remember and appreciate Terror Mountain’s most exciting sporting event – Alpine Speed Racing.

by saintmotel


The Life Lessons I've Learned By Growing Up With Neo
It is safe to say that I grew up with Neopets, and it will always hold a nostalgic place in my heart. However, I also grew as a person from Neopets, and the ways in which I grew are a large part of what continues to draw me to the site today.

by painted_dreams87


Blossoms~ Snowball Effect Part 17
Good morning, again.

by twillieblossom


Random Oddness
Anyone got some Flat-u-less Tablets?

by mistyqee

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