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New Series

The Ghosts of Roo Island: Part One

I had been visiting my aunt in hospital for three days, before the red Kougra had grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me towards her to whisper: “Illanari, there's a ghost in here."

by phoenix_through_fire
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"The Sloth Gummy That Got Away" by redken9x9
It started out so pleasant. I was born in Virtupets Space Station– home of my creator, Franky. I never actually met Franky. He was spoken of as a legend among legends, Happiness Faerie impersonator and Beastly Ninja Tax Invader – whatever that means. Anyway, I lived for a short time in one of his most ingenious creations, the prestigious ‘Grundo Factory’. There, I learned the ancient art of holding my breath, sitting stiffly and staring blankly at everyone and everything. I was surrounded by illustrious machinery, glimmering in their rustic awe and dazzling me with their vibrant appeal of abuse and neglect. The workers were gorgeously chiseled and generously blessed with a profound air of apathy and regret. Everything was so beautiful! Since my scores were so high on the ‘Processing’ Exam, I was honored with the Limited Edition Easter packaging rather than the Standard Gold packaging that most of my companions got. When it came time for shipping, I was so happy and bursting with joy – even though I couldn’t show it – I pictured myself running up to one of the Grundos and hugging their ghastly bloodshot little faces like there was no tomorrow! How ironic that was. Sometime later, I arrived at the destination of my future dreams. It smelled barren of human contentment and seemed to possess as its guardian a chubby Chia with a disastrous looking haircut and a curious apron tied about its waist.

Other Stories


When Grandma Was Grey
An elderly Neopet shares a tale with her granddaughter that reveals a rather exciting past.

by minkton


Lylin_Fire, The Fierce, Red Wocky
I had always wanted a special Neopet, but this was not what I wanted. A picky, rude, ungrateful pet that will refuse to eat or drink anything but bottled water. This all happened about a year ago, when I was putting water away in case there was a shortage.

by kittens4life6


How to be a Grey-t Friend!
In honor of Grey Day, here’s a few special things you could do for the grey pet in your life to show them just how much you appreciate them!

by schadenfreudee


A Grey Petpet for All
One of the most reliable ways of selecting a petpet is to choose one that is the same color as your pet, but Grey petpets aren’t just for Grey pets. A lot of different factors go into finding the perfect petpet for your pet, and all combinations can work if the personalities fit together.

by paperdoll66


Random Oddness
It's not wise to get on Tangeriiine's bad side.

by mistyqee


Pastel Horror #2 - A Pirate's Favorite Letter
Qysteri is VERY passionate about his puns.

by badjadejuniper

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