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New Series

Witches Further Abroad: Part One

It was the annual witch convention. Well, annual might have been stretching it a bit; it was the first witch convention...

by herdygerdy
Tales of a Petpet Adventure: Part One

"Password?" the bush said and rustled a bit.

"Weewoo," said a Faellie in response...

by micrody

The Night of Nothing: Part One

After all, a day where nobody needs to be officially happy about anything is perfect for a place that thrives on fear and misery...

Also by spoonguardonline

by water_park1993

Vinsetta: Part One

"It's not like I had a choice," said Emma, continuing to stare out the window into the night. "They just dropped in and left her, saying they would return soon..."

by reggieman721
Memoirs of a Reluctant Villain: Part One

Everyone has a story...

by sweetie_butterfly
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"Witches Further Abroad" by herdygerdy
The meteor cracks in two, and the figure it contained stands up. He looks around, and a thin smile spreads across his face. "Perfect," the figure says in a raspy voice. "It shall start here." In a million alternate universes, the figure would have succeeded in his plans. In a million universes, the station wouldn't have depressurised and Grimilix would have made it back in time. In a million universes, Neopia would have fallen. This is not one of those universes. This universe has Witches...

Other Stories


Shadows Rising
An Usul seeks remembrance in the history books, but she finds that it's not called the Forbidden Mountain for nothing...

by cookybananas324


The Star and Flame Chronicles: Team Work
Spring had finally sprung! Now was the time to dig up wild plants, now was the time to race around outside, now was the time to garden!

by reeses_pet


The Battledome: An In-depth Guide
Today's weapons are not as strong as they appear. This current stage is causing major inflation and deflation in pricing.

by virtualbori


Getting the Best of the Post
It makes a huge difference if the trade is the newest one there or the oldest.

by yampuff


And Now...
...something completely different.

by fish_puddle


Freefalls Into Lunacy
176 KB of pure jollification!

by firefree_animegirl

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