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With the kickoff of the Festival of Neggs, I was curious if the NC Mall item Negg Puncher will be released again to purchase? Hopefully it will be! ~loraloral24
Sadly, we don't release old items but don't worry we have lots of brand new items available for you guys!!!

Will there be any new Mystery Capsules added to the NC Mall?~novagal928
Hm...I guess, maybe, at sometime, possibly, there might be one coming. (Cookies might speed it up...just saying)

Hi! I've been a big fan of galleries and the Gallery Spotlight for a long time now, and I'm trying to get my gallery to be featured in the spotlight. However, my gallery has categories and I was wondering if that will hurt my chances? Most of the galleries in the spotlight do not have categories. All of mine are linked to one theme but they need to be categorised so they're neat and organised. *Prods weapons in gallery* Please answer willingly, I don't wanna take you to the battledome ;) ~ dukula
Well well well, you wanna take this to the dome then bring it on! Although, in the Neopian spirit of friendship I will answer your question. I LOVE categories and that will not have any effect on your chances of being picked! So, may the best galleries win!!

Hi. Regarding the picture with Jazan yelling at the flying pizza, I believe the 'wedge of pizza' is actually the window cutout in the stone wall.~darface37
Oh my, I see where you might get that idea. However, that ruins my fun so I am sticking with the flying pizza story!

Hi TNT, will I get in trouble for unknowingly trading with a "shell" account? For example, if I pay a fair price for an item, and the user is not obviously sketchy (e.g. a two-week old account selling a high-end item on the boards), or if I put an item for auction and come back to find a "shell" has won it, am I at risk or being frozen? It's hard to tell if a user is a "shell" without looking at their lookups, which I avoid because of captchas and cookie grabbers. With an auction, I can't control who bids on my items. Any insight is much appreciated!
If we have no reason to believe that you knew about the sketchy occurences then nope you'll be good to go! Just try to do your best to keep all your activity on the up and up and you won't have any problems!

Hello hello! I was wondering, is it allowed to submit to the Neopian Times on side accounts? For normal issues only trophies are awarded, but some special issues (Christmas, Halloween, Collab Issues) give out prizes, and those aren't allowed to be won on side accounts. So, is it a case by case issue, or is there a clear cut rule on submissions? ~twillieblossom
Good question!! So, for normal issues that aren't awarded any prizes you can submit from your side account. I'd say it's pretty clear cut, on regular issues you can and for special issues then it's against the rules.

Editors Note: Hello everyone, Scrappy here! I just wanted to stop by and say hello as your new Neopian Times Editor! I also wanted to thank all of you for your warm welcomes (and cookies), you guys are the best and I'm so excited to be joining all of you!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE going through all your submissions! You are all truly amazing and I will do my best to make you proud! PS: Don't hesitate to Neomail me with any questions or comments, I love talking to my fellow Neopians!!

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