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Would you consider making the Neocash Printer (it's on the neo front page right now as of April 1st ;)) into a real thing? the NP to NC ratio listed in the item description is fantastic! ~ morganjoisle
What are you talking about? It is a real thing, it's right there! You're looking at it. Next you're going to tell me our new clubs should be real too. Kids these days I swear...

So we all loved Lulu until she started breaking into houses and stealing stuff for NC events, and Topsi seemed like an alright guy, but now he's got a creepy sword collection? Please tell me he's not moonlighting as an assassin or something. ~ herdygerdy
*shifty eyes* ... What have you heard? WHO SENT YOU?! Ahem, I mean, no, of course not! I don't know where you'd ever hear of such a thing...

Recently I have seen a rising number of 'gifting boards' and 'pay it forward' boards, which encourage people to post their NC and Neopoint wishlists for others to 'gift'. These seem like creatively worded variations on an announced giveaway, but there is some disagreement on the boards about whether these topics are allowed or not. Are these 'Pay it Forward' boards allowed? At what point do they become an announced giveaway? Also, are the rules different for NC as opposed to Neopoint items? ~ recklesse
So, it's really all a pretty fine line, and generally up to the discretion of the monitors. First of all, the rules of begging are not different for neopoint vs. neocash items. Announced giveaways are slightly different, not really in the rules, but just that generally when someone gives away their Neocash items, they ask for GBCs in return. 1 GBC for a rare NC item might not be an even trade, but if they want to do this, it's still a trade.

Now as for the Pay It Forward, again this walks a pretty thin line, but the way the board is set up it feels a little more like asking than begging, as there is no one specific person you're trying to get things from or a list of items to beg for. However, if a monitor ever feels that line is crossed, they will remove the board and any subsequent ones that appear.

Hey, TNT. I saw someone post a question about this recently and it got me wondering. They were essentially asking: is it okay for a friend to play and send you all of the NP and items they accumulate? They're playing on their own account, on a different IP address, and it's a different person...but they send you everything they get, as a way of helping you out. I understand that one person cannot have two main accounts, but we're talking about two separate people here. Is this okay, or just tip-toeing around the rules? Please remove my UN, thanks. ~ username removed
Hi there. No, it is not okay for another user to send you all of their neopoints and items to help you out. Neopets is a game, and you are meant to work your way up on your own. Receiving a gift or two here and there is fine, but this level of gifting feels much more like multiple account abuse.

Hi TNT! There was a bonus item for using the dusts all 5 times on the Classic Magical Negg but it didn't say anything about any bonus items in the FAQs. Could you please explain to us what bonus items there will be for this event? Thanks! ~ greyfever
Hi! There is one bonus item for completely filling each negg (which I believe means a new one should be released tomorrow). Happy dusting!

Dear TNT, Almost every site event on Neopets has a contingency that if a player fails to complete the tasks the day they are released, even once, even if they do complete all of them, the player will miss out on an avatar and exclusive item. These mistakes are irrereversible and can cost unfortunate users hundreds of thousands of Neopoints in rare items and their only chance at getting into the avatar high-score table. Is it possible for a Neocash item to be made that causes every checkmark in these events to be registered as gold even if the task was completed late? (Please remove my username if this gets in.) ~ username removed
Hi, so while we see where you're coming from here, I think it would be unfair to the users who made an effort to log in every day during the event to allow others to skirt that rule. We try to keep it so that Neocash items cannot give users an unfair advantage. While Faerie Quest cookies or other similar ones allow you to speed up a process, they don't allow you bend the rules of how that process works.

I know that many users have previously made their side accounts into their new main accounts, however, my question is, is it at all possible to do this (make an old side account your new main account) and have all of your NC items, avatars, trophies, site events and achievements ect. transferred over to your side account that you intend to make as your new main? Please remove my username. Thank you! ~ username removed
Nope! Sorry, if you voluntarily choose to start over on a new account, you're pretty much agreeing to start over. The only way we will transfer things from one account to another is if you lose an account that we can't give back, such as if you were frozen for having a bad username.

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