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Hello! I am just wondering why there is no option to add either Neoquest games to your games favorite list? I would be super helpful for me is all! Thanks :) ~schoolwars
Most unfortunate! It has to do with them being php games instead of flash games. Here are links to their Games Room pages so you can add them to your favourites: Neoquest and Neoquest II.

Hey TNT! It's gotta happen sooner or later. You know what I'm talking about. Mango Chias. ~cannot
The Lab Ray Scientist has been hard at work but you know how good he is at getting specific results. Not very!

Hungry Tomos
Lupes do eat Chias now and then. Maybe that's why we haven't seen any?

How many Neopets accounts can we have in total? I always thought it was 5, 1 main and 4 sides, but has that changed? ~_sissiy_sis_369
Nope! Five is still the limit.

I think Rukis need to become more popular! Making them Limited Pets only made people "relieved" that they disappeared from the Create a Pet menu. Maybe a Ruki hero? I hate how everyone thinks of them as ugly. THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! :D Anyway, all of you guys should have a free Lime Ruki Lollypop and Lime Ruki Sundae while you answer. XP ~lily_seas
Did we ever tell you of the time that Rapscallion Robb raided a pirate's lair and made off with the Golden Hook? No? What a pity.

Pirate Bori writing scroll
Legend has it that whoever wields the Golden Hook seizes destiny...

On the Plesio stamp, you can clearly see the Wheel of Mediocrity Flotsam's face. Is his name ACTUALLY Plesio? I couldn't imagine any other reason the stamp would be named thusly. ~kavukamari
It is indeed Plesio. You can read about his fascinating life in the Neopedia.

Dear TNT, I hope you will understand my babbling/ bad english. It is a question and I really NEED it to be answered. About more than 6 years ago the stupid idea of 'Collecting one million Tchea Fruits' popped in my head. I stopped for years, now, 2 weeks ago I started to play neopets again and I still want to reach this goal. I've got 38496 Tchea Fruits right now and a lot of kind people are helping me by putting up trades, put them in their shops or just give them to me. I am really in love with this item and I hope it is allowed to stay in this way to reach my goal. The question in short: Is it allowed to collect Tchea Fruit till I reach the goal of 1 million Tchea Fruits in my SDB? Lots of love, ~jacomine
Let us set your mind at ease. Mass collecting an item is okay! Some of us even do it too. Thirty eight thousand is quite an accomplishment, though, and good luck reaching your goal!

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