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Because the new Aisha characters have their eyes open, will you give the Aisha a new look? - Blackgood_
No, I think we will leave Aishas as they are, it is just for unique characters that we show their eyes open.

Will there be avatars in the Maraqua war? (I'm an avvie collector) - Sweetie_2007298
Yes, some of the prizes you can get will be avatars. We will be posting a list of some prizes shortly.

I never saw the april fools day pets. Is there a way for me to see them? - allycat258963
There is a page for you to look at all of these here.

I'm wondering where the hotlink to the Maraquan Plot is. oo; I couldn't find it at Pet Central, or World, or any of those. And it's such a nuisance to go back to the index page and look for the small little link under the latest news. Do you have one and am I blind to it, or is it one of those things that slipped under the radar? - yallume
There is one on the Neopets front page. There is also one on New Features when a new episode is released. There should also be one on the Maraqua map page.

Well, I was just wondering whether the smugglers cove is active at all. I have been there every half an hour of a day and everytime I go there they have nothing for sale. Do they still sell anything or is everything out of stock and if so, why does it still exist on the map. It is pointless. Maybe you could put in some items to make it active again otherwise dubloons would be worthless unless they are used for training. - zhangcrusher
The Smuggler's Cove rarely has items for sale. Smuggling is an illegal trade after all, they can't be too active. Whenever something new is added to the cove, we make an announcement on new features.

Will the plot, Curse of Maraqua, lead to a quest for us to do? (like the Lost Desert Mystery or the missing of Jhudiah?) Or is it just a series of comics to pass the time? - Okiezokie
There will be a lot more interaction with the story very soon (and I don't mean just fighting). After the war, there may well be a quest area of some sort in Maraqua (similar to Jhudora/Illusen's quests).

In the 7th chapter of Curse of Maraqua when Garin is sad and he is walking along the beach there is a turdle watching him. Will the turdle be in any other part of the plot? - lil_bouncer5
Hehe :) The Turdle isn't a main star so probably not. It was a cute little addition though!

well, I was reading the past editorials, and then I read something like this: **A Koi main character in a plot!!!! **Maraqua re-opening with not one but two maps **A new bizarre floating island!?!?! **Two new species - YES TWO!!! But how come we have a Usul as a main character is the Current maraquan plot?? - girploom
King Kelpbeard is a Koi. He will become very significant in the coming comics and the grand finale.

Will the be another market in Maraqua ? The other markets for shops are getting a bit crowded, with only 3 markets (Central minimum size 425), Haunted (167) and Island (180). With millions of neopians who want to offer their shop or gallery to the general public this seem a bit hard to do. And the idea of a underwater market would really be nice !!!! - idkfa1
Possibly, we are rethinking how we do the market pages and as soon as we have figured out the best way to do this we may well add market places to every world and mini-world.

In the little newsletter that I'm guessing got sent to everyone, you mentioned a new pet. what said about it was "it is reptilian, and is not cute!" Will it be Limited Edition? - harkolom
Yes, the next Neopet will be reptillian and it will be limited edition.

I know that a mutant shoyru exist right? But is there such thing as a mutant paint brush or a mutant shoyru morphing potion? It feels like those items dont exist, so how do you change your pet to a mutant shoyru? - xxangel321xx
All the mutant potions are called Transmogrification potions. The potion you need to turn your Neopet into a Mutant Shoyru is the Shoyru Transmogrification Potion and it looks like this.

I put my Maraqua TCG cards in my album, but when I went to look at them, I couldnt find a Maraqua album that exists. Where did they go? - Bonnas
Eeep! Someone forgot to add Maraqua to the TCG album. This has now been fixed and your cards should be in there, safe and sound.

Is it possible for people who have been on neopets for over 5 months or something, could get something special, because I would have loved to get a starter paintbrush when I was new, I don't think that's fair.:( - gidig
Yes, rewarding people who keep playing is something we will be implementing shortly.

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