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Happy Halloween Edition of the Neopian Times. The time has finally come! So grab some sweet treats, your spookiest outfit and prepare for an issue that will either haunt or inspire you. One quick announcement. The 850th edition is coming soon, so the deadline to submit will be no later than the 27th in the month of Storing :) Please be sure to mention in your comment that your story/comic is for the 850th edition!

Hello! I remember reading somewhere that the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies (from NC Mall) wouldn't be giving out Kaia quests because they require you to spend NC. I've now gotten two Kaia Quests. Is this intentional or is this a glitch?~~ _clows_cool_pets
This is incorrect. It is clearly stated in the FAQs that you can get a Kaia quest from a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie. If you want to make sure not to get one, you can remove all your NC items from your inventory while your fortune cookie is active.

Thank you for the Cooking Pot hints! Now, would it also be possible for you to fix the recipe for Savoury Cubes which currently ends up making Crunchy Buzz Honey Delight instead? Thanks!~~minnesotan
Consider it done!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you like a good mystery, then here's some food for thought: What are those tiny black particles inside a Co-Melon?

Hypothetically speaking: What would happen if a Neopet drank only half a transmogrification potion instead of the whole thing?! Would they transform halfway into some weird hybrid creature? Is that why Lord Darigan looked weird before he even became cursed? Is that how the Tax Beast became...whatever he is? (Shakes submission box) I NEED ANSWERS
Hypothetically...I'd say they would be half transmorgrified?? Maybe something similar to the split paint brush half of two different pets **gasp** now that would be a sight! And quite interesting..hmmm

Could we get some more emo hair for pets? Its halloween so its the perfect time I just want my pets to be fashionably 2008!~~zillyhoom
Love it! Reminds me of the good ole days. Sadly Halloween has already been planned but how about the holidays instead?

Donny's Corner: Fixed Trudy's Surprise Bug & fixed items wrongly classified as Neohome/Neogarden.

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