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If an article of clothing mentions the pet in the name of the item, does that mean it will only be useable on that pet? ~ bettybee33165
Yep! That is exactly what that means.

Hi, TNT! ^^ Some people claim that the Neopian Net Worth Calculator actually finished calculating their net worth. Were they making it up? ~ melody5697
Haha yes, they were. Also, those claiming they joined a club or experienced any of the perks were also making it all up. But we loved seeing how involved everyone got into keeping this year's prank going!

*timidly walks in* Hi! Um... I was traversing the FAQ of the Storytelling Competition, and I realized that, way back when it (the FAQ) was made, there seems to have been one, dedicated TNTer who loved the contest keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. A few years ago, it was even scheduled to update at certain times! What happened? Is there still someone working on it, or is it a group of people taking turns? Is there still a schedule, or is it just whenever-you-get-around-to-it? I've recently come back to writing on Neopets, and I noticed at least that the schedule doesn't seem to be the same, so I'd really appreciate an answer! *lays out cookies and scurries back out of your hair* ~ peronalilac
Hi! There is still one dedicated TNTer who keeps it running, but it's largely dependent on what time we get submissions. We get a good amount of submissions, but they mostly come in the early morning or in the evening NST, which can make updating it regularly in the afternoons tricky! Also, people seem to really prefer contributing to the beginning or the very end - go for the penultimate folks!

After last weeks question regarding gifting between accounts, a number of people have started speaking out in fear of being frozen because they share a computer with others who play Neopets within their household, and enjoy gifting things to them now and again (though they play a completely separate game from one another). Can you please clarify that sharing a computer (and therefore IP address) isn't a freezable offense in and of itself? Please remove my username. ~ username removed
So you're correct, sharing a computer is not a freezable offense. That question was specifically relating to one user sending every single item and neopoint they earn to another user - that is not gifting. Sending a few things to friends or family who play is not the same as playing for them.

Hi CQ! Would it be possible to remove the NP reward option on Trudy's slot machine so that we may spin the wheel to acquire basic gift boxes on our side accounts? Thank you for considering! :* ~ username removed
Hi! Sorry, but no. Trudy's Surprise is a daily, meant to give you things for one account so no one has an unfair advantage or gets more perks than another user.

Hello! I'm finally working on a story for the Neopian Times (yay!) and I had a question. Now, I've read the rules over and over again, but I was wondering if I could make it under the impression a character has died, and everyone else is upset for a while and they carry on until the character in question suddenly comes back, and is clearly not dead. I'm not going to make it (the "death") anything too descriptive, but I just wanted to know if it was okay in general. I'd hate to start writing it, only for it to not be allowed! Thanks, and if this gets in, please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! So that should be fine, Neopets can die, but as you stated, just be sure it's not too graphic or violent, as that will cause a rejection. Looking forward to reading your story, sounds like a good one!

Please disable custom HTML/CSS in user shops. Users are being baited into user shops using cheaply priced items that are bought extremely frequently (like codestones). After visiting the shops, which seem harmless, users come on to find their accounts emptied of items and np or login info changed. Users shouldn't have to worry about having their accounts compromised just because they want to perform basic game functions, like buying from user shops. Disable all shop descriptions until the account compromising can be prevented otherwise. Please remove my username. ~ username removed
So, earlier this week, we discovered an exploit that was allowing some less-than-genuine users to gain access to others' accounts via their shops. Since then, we have resolved the issue by fixing what was allowing the exploit, to prevent it from continuing to happen. We have also prioritized the account safety of those affected. Most, if not all, users who sent in tickets have had them responded to and many have already been given their accounts/items back. Our support and programming staff have worked hard over the last few days to make sure Neopets is a safe and fun environment for all our users.

* Happy Thoughts*

TNT! You completely fooled me with your New Features April Fool's joke! xD Good job with that prank! Also, THANK YOU for the wraith-oriented NT issue! I got so excited about it since I LOVE The Faeries' Ruin. :3 (Can we have more TFR references and items, please? :D) Also...I wouldn't mind there actually being a Wraithland. :D ~ kentuckyfrychickenrl

That "Priceless" April Fool's thing was SO CUTE AND SO SWEET. It honestly made my day better to see it. Thanks so much, TNT. You still have it. :) ~ quwen_x

TNT, I look forward to logging on to Neo on April Fools Day (well everyday, but especially April 1st) to see what you guys have come up with, and this year was one of my favorites!! That was sooo creative/evil/hilarious. Thanks for making my day extra special! ~ skittlesrock10292

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