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Continued Series

TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Eight


by downrightdude
Of Silence: Signed and Sealed:Part Four

Alright, great news: I think it worked! (Don’t allow me to jinx things too badly, though.)

by werelupecookies
Leave Room for the Impossible:Part Three

“I told you Poogle five was where it was at!”

Eliss laughed, holding a bag of faerie popcorn that she was sharing with Anna. It tasted more buttery and delicious than any popcorn they had ever eaten in Tyrannia.

by unfogging

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Two

The first couple of days of Eunji's journey were peaceful. These mountains were covered in thick, ancient woodland, very sparsely populated save for the occasional temple, but she was not headed close to any of them. She was aiming for the farmlands to the west—and to the Imperial City, if need be. If that was where darkness festered, that was where she would probably find her answers.

by cosmicfire918
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"Rasputin's Revenge" by trishabeakens
A magical cloud swallowed the famous land of Altador in a thick blanket of darkness. The land of sunny skies and bright futures was now drained of all signs of life. Nera felt helpless, her people were in danger and nothing she could do would help. She failed them, they counted on her in the beginning and trusted her. They went across the seas with her, trusting her decisions and plans. They trusted her to be a fair and just leader. They trusted her every second of their journey to a new world. And she failed them. Nera sat up, breathing hard. A nightmare...that's all it was, a nightmare. She got out of bed and walked over to the large window. Altador was peaceful. The residents were walking around the city, chatting and shopping. Children's laughter filled the air as they played Yooyuball in the fields. One could say, the land of Altador was a haven to all Neopians. No matter if you were an Aisha, or a Zafara, you would be welcomed with open arms. Nera let out a sigh of relief. The nightmare wasn't real. Her people and Altador were safe. The dark cloud wasn't real. She rubbed her messy bed head, and walked back over to the bed. Then she realized... she was late. She almost forgot what she had to do today because of that ridiculous nightmare.Oh no.. oh I'm so late!" Nera spoke aloud to herself as she was panicking. She hurried to get dressed and neatly fix her side of the bed. Her usually well-groomed brown hair was now a total mess.

Other Stories


Taking Flight
When this story took place, before customizable pets, wings were procured only by the rare acquisition of a paint brush.

by meridaquan


A Difference of Opinion
“Many years ago, faerieland was in the clouds, high above Neopia. It was a city up in the clouds, kept aloft by the air faeries. Then one day it fell.”

An indignant Christmas lutari quickly interjected, “I know, I know! It wasn’t that long ago, I remember it.”

by chloezzz123


The Many Sacrifices of an Avatar Collector
Avatar hunters: a moderately sized, mildly neurotic subset of the population of Neopia.

by bouncyhanyou


Easy Spring Cleaning Guide
Spring has sprung in Neopia!

Written in collaboration with sunshine482

by k3l26


The Prize
Sometimes you have to improvise

by trishabeakens


Unlucky Random Event
An ominous looking Pteri strolls up to you & cackles...

Also by Sthephanie

by neschulz

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