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Continued Series

Begin Again: Part Four

Deep bags hang under Hedera’s eye. She lowers the stein, ruggedly wipes her face; and once again spends several seconds chugging at it. She spent twenty minutes eating nonstop when she first awakened – her baggy clothes do nothing to hide the thinness she gained while she was out. Lukirri shudders. What was happening to her?

Art by ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

The Legacy of the Black Pawkeet: Part Nine

I ran as fast I could toward the docks and the Black Pawkeet, but my injury was slowing me down. To make matters worse, I could hear someone running after me. I didn’t dare to look behind me. I didn't have to, to know they were catching up.

Also by medit92

by teamchao466

The Sisterhood of Terra and Phee: Part Three

"Terra!" The Pink Uni calls her name so enthusastically, it's almost frantic. I couldn't discern what else she said. It was too low for my still-dreaming brain. It was too fast. We were just waking up when she came in. It's a Tuesday. When we passed the menu board last night at supper, I noticed when I looked under 'Tuesday's Meals!' that we weren't having tacos. I should have known right then.

by lizzy_beth_750551
Adventures Aren't Just in Books: Part Two

I groan. My head feels like it is about to split open. I slowly open my eyes but the sudden brightness just makes me feel even worse than I had before (which is saying something) so I close my eyes again. I hear a door open to my left and a couple of people step through.

by kitstar1
Turning Pages: Part Three

“I a-assure you, g-good lady, your daughter is ab-absolutely fine.” Sir Alberts continuously pulled at his collar, causing it to wrinkle. He was shaking, not necessarily because of fear, but because of the quaking of a much larger Krawk above him. Each pounding step sent shockwaves rumbling from beneath his feet.

Also by parody_ham

by warriorsrock965

On The Revolution of Heavenly Spears: Part Two

When Ryshu entered the school the next day, he had absolutely no idea what to expect. He had a few theories, though none of them were concrete: first, that the Master wouldn’t be there to welcome him, and second, that he was expected to be in the same room as the one he was in the day before.

by sampleneopian
After ACX: Part Five

Part Five - Mutant

I’m the best of all of them. I do mean it, I really am. I love being Mutant. Normal was boring and Faerie just infuriating! Yeah, sure, I looked good, but now, Mutant? It’s the best. I know it’s not usual, but I wish I could just stay Mutant.

Also by lil_em06

by swimmingstar01

A Queen's Ascension - Justice: Part Two

From the dungeons of the palace, Vyssa could hear the cheers and applause of the crowd. The cells were not far from the great steps and high on the wall near the ceiling was a small, barred window letting all of the outside noise in. Very faintly, she could hear Frezon’s booming voice. She’d almost fainted when she heard the boos and hisses, hoping beyond hope it was a sign of people realising Frezon was bad...

by dudeiloled
To Succeed is to Fail: Chapter Two

Fear me not. Hmm, I rather enjoy those three words. They provoke feelings of intense emotion at rather opposite extremes. I am telling you not to fear me. You, listener, should take comfort in the idea that "me", as an entity, will not harm you. I am here merely to entertain you, to provide you with a convoluted, yet surreal tale.

by rielcz
The Ski Lodge Mystery: Part Two

Jaellana sped towards the igloo with Revan at her heels. When they burst open the door, vials and books were scattered everywhere. Luckily, Jaellana had placed the History of the Ski Lodge V1 in Revan’s backpack after reading it. Revan saw one of the cupboard doors trembling and pointed to it.

Also by ceara52.

by therainbowsheep

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"Adventure is Worth More Than Treasure" by zuzumotai
Roughened black paw pads scrabbled desperately to find a hold on the barren, craggy scape of a cliffside. A growl was beginning in Tuseche’s throat; a sound of frustration rumbling deep in his chest. His pink tongue flicked out, passing over his white muzzle, and he panted. Losing his footing again, the sandstone colored Brown Kougra slid down, landing with a soft thud in the loose silt. 

 He looked incredulously up at the deep gray, cracking stone extending up in the sky. High above, the mouth of a black cave cast a shadow over the dry bank below. There was no path leading up the mountain. If there ever had been a path, it crumbled away many years ago, and fell into Krawk Island’s endlessly deep bay. Habitually, he checked the compass on his right leg. The needle quivered on the gold filigree S. 

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Nowhere To Go But Up
It was in the middle of the night when Baby blue JubJub Claire woke up, scared and alone in the Haunted Woods. All she could see in the distance, was a sign saying "Edna's Tower". Confused as to how she wound up there, she proceeded to slowly tip-toe towards the large castle. Glowing with green, it seemed to be the safest place around.

by taravdr


Bargains Lost and Bargains Made
The first thing Matra tasted when she woke was salt. It was caked in her fur, crusted white runnels making lines down the backs of her paws. The Island Zafara groaned and tried to stand. It was no good. She stared at the wood floor that was inches from her face and felt like she was going to sick up. Everything was rocking so violently.

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Oh no, not again...

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Everyday struggles of being a fruit/veggie chia

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