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Continued Series

Agent of the Sway: Discovery - Part Six

"Who are you?" the Darkest Faerie asked.

"You don't know me," the Duchess said. "Nor will you. But I know a great deal about you."

by herdygerdy

The Merchant's Mayhem: Part Five

"Look, Daddy!" Felicia pointed out towards the sea. "It's another ship!"

by crazy_4_sushi
Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Stagnation - Part Seven

"I reckoned I knew what poverty looked like. My da, he was a brickmaker. We were never swimming in neopoints, and I think he about keeled over with relief when I got sponsored to be a page and he didn't have to pay for my keep anymore. But... what I saw in Abyssal Acres was worse, way worse..."

by shinkoryu14
The Quest to Rescue Baelia: Part Five

The group quickly reached the floor of the crater and travelled across it to reach the Obelisk towering before them...

by leonieke
The Color Yellow: Part Four

Yellow, Zani, Forest and Willy were hanging out in the twin's dorm room. Yellow had unrolled his sleeping bag and was lying on top of it, doing the worksheet Ms. Rofay, the Grey Faerie Critical Thinking teacher, had assigned.

by goodsigns
Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Two

"Ugh," he muttered in a high, squeaky voice that resembled the incessant meowing of "Scruffles," a Darigan Angelpuss that frequented the Lord's chambers.

by parody_ham
Child of the Drenched: Return to the Depths - Part Two

Two days passed normally and Mara began to relax a little. Surely, she reasoned, whatever had been after the king must have been stopped by now.

by kristykimmy
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"A Heart of Gold" by coookie18471
It was nearly time. The whole of Lutari Island was abuzz with the excitement. One more day! The ferns and palm trees themselves seemed to quiver in anticipation: One more sunrise! Even the thick white clouds, encircling the island like some eternal, greedy snake, were a little bit brighter and less ominous than they normally were. It was as though all the island was prepared...

Other Stories


Tales of the Monoceraptor
The rock was harsh and unforgiving against her lower spine, but Ugga-Lulu sat still regardless, mesmerized...

by nycflowergirl


Tyrannian by Any Other Paint
The giggling gaggle of young Aishas and Usuls put Epsilonic on edge, and rightly so.

by almedha


Dressing the Part – Tyrannian Victory Day
Dressing like a Tyrannian, after all, is far more complicated than throwing on a Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga and calling it a day.

by katiecoo802


Forgotten Neopians: The Island Mystic
The Island Mystic's lone hut on the small north westerly island off Mystery Island's coast has been there as long as anyone remembers.

by __ripcurl__


A Larnikin's Favorite Month
"I have a good reason why I'm eating all this food, okay?"

by supremity


Mwizzify: Faerie City
Don't say that!

by usuki_kid

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