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Continued Series

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Seven

"You made it into the Neopedia, Master, and everyone is talking about the greatest Battledome instructor in all of Neopia! It's you! Everyone is talking about the old Techo Master on Mystery Island!"

by indulgences
I Don't Want to Be a Pirate: Part Six

A blade pierced the sand in front of him, and he jumped back so as not to get cut. The Maraquans had finally noticed him...

by stingjc
Neovision Superstar: Part Six

I could mope around, like we were doing at that moment. Or perhaps just forget about Neovision and move on. Or maybe learn to read aloud...

by sunsetneversetting
The Golden Globes of Light: Part Three

"We must have traveled an extremely long distance back in time, because there are no mountain ranges like this that I know of in modern or medieval Neopia..."

by torkie10
The Rebel's Heart: Part Five

"My father, Latfta, is the King's servant. According to him, the King has a short temper and his daughter is even worse. He says that she is just like her father..."

by ewagon
Reshar Collifay: A Star in the Making - Part Six

"Now fans," the announcer said, "LET'S PLAY SOME YOOYUBALL!"

by samschelfhout2
Family Secrets: Part Four

It appalled me. I thought I had raised him better. I thought I had raised all of my children better...

by dan4884
From Princess to Pirate: Part Three

"The Queen seems to have left the ship, but was not seen leaving the harbor..."

by lizzex8
James Nexis - Deception: Part Two

James checked his watch. "It's almost half past two in the morning now. Have you left the crime scene exactly as you found it?"

by punctuation_ninja
To Ride a Uni: Companion and Steed - Part Two

Kanine was feeling more and more flustered by the minute. She decided, in the interest of not appearing totally useless, not to mention that she had never had a rider before...

by smallpox__plum
Pride, Prose, and Princes: Part Three

"Sweet Jhudora's Cupcakes!" I switched off the water on the overflowing tub and mopped up the cobblestone...

by dancingpetal
Roomies 3: Part Two

Jesc frowned. She couldn't explain it, but something just didn't feel right...

by vanessa1357924680
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"Boiling Point" by bitsy_dj
"You must make a pot of tea. That is how you will defeat Kai. Follow me." Lynn wasn't sure what to think, but she followed Ryshu to the training grounds. He told her to sit in the middle of the sparring ring. She sat and waited, wondering just how making a pot of tea would help her defeat Kai. Ryshu returned with a kettle, a fire mote, a bucket of water, a jade teapot with two cups, and a canister of green tea leaves. Ryshu set up the items the way one would when they were preparing a cup...

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Boiling Point
"What's wrong, Whiskers?" he cooed softly. "Skip your nap this morning? Why don't you just give up? You're clearly exhausted..."

by bitsy_dj


"You know, finding the Neopian treasure would be so cool," Celeste said, staring into space with a dreamy look...

by rainbow8476


The Battledome: An In-depth Guide
Today's weapons are not as strong as they appear. This current stage is causing major inflation and deflation in pricing.

by virtualbori


Darigan Neopets: Vicious or Just Misunderstood?
I've written up three truths to convince you that Darigan neopets really aren't all that bad- and can actually be your loyal companions for quite some time, if you'd give them the chance.

by the_past___


Appreciate the Meepit
Petpet Appreciation Day

by _undead_whisper_


Starring: Kassoo & Kadoaties

by itrust

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