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Neohome Sweet Neohome: Halloween Edition

A free bonus with every purchase?

by eugenie247
Piece of Neopia: Halloween Part 1

Oh...that's why

by hauntinq
A Grarrl Ponders

Maybe one day this Grarrl will get his answers....one at a time I suppose.

by sk8zac
Pumpkin Carving

Is that thing alive?!

by trishabeakens
Candies for Dr. Sloth (Halloween Edition)

Listen here

also by sthephanie

by neschulz

A Spooky Halloween

... But what if I picked Bites?

by ghostkomorichu
Or Something Like It: Concert Time!


written by sarika_ambrielle, art by Kittie_orion

by kittie_orion

What Are The Odds: Seasonal

'Tis the season for bad dietary choices.

by malochroma
The new petpet vender

Not the best petpet to sell in that spot

Also by aephigaming

by annnoel

This Pie Tastes of Tears

Life dwindling slowly..

by umbrex
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"The Spirit of the Haunted Woods" by breadlad
"I promise you that there is no need to worry about our new guest here, Lugus. He should pose no concern to the court nor the king nor any and all the people of Altador, I can assure you!” Glimjack seemed awfully giddy despite the fact he was being thoroughly interrogated by a high-ranking member of the king’s guards, a Draik named Lugus who had been regarding him with a disappointed look. “What I have found here is an amazing and… otherworldly discovery in the very Haunted Woods itself!” “Things found in the Haunted Woods to be amazing and otherworldly tend to be malicious and cursed,” Lugus argued. “Tell me, if what you have brought here is so safe then why did you feel the need to conceal him in a concealing hood last night?” Glimjack eyes grew wide. “Who saw me bring him in last night?” Lugus sighed. “Who saw you is irrelevant and-“ Awilda, known bounty hunter and a Krawk of intimidating stature who was before standing by Lugus so silently that Glimjack hardly noticed she was there, confessed, “It was me, Jack. You were very hush about it too. Waited until the guards were being switched out late at night so nobody would notice you. It was actually rather intelligent and would be the way I would go about it.”

Other Stories


Have an Ice Halloween!
It was Halloween on Terror Mountain.

Well, it was Halloween everywhere, of course, but the point is, our story begins on Terror Mountain. Snow-covered jack-o-lanterns were displayed outside each house, and all the trick-or-treaters were trying to figure out how to make their costumes look good over warm coats and hats.

by cruthmac


Brain Tree’s origin.
The questions of this enigmatic tree have been answered by many neopians but…how did it turn into a brain tree? Here’s the story:

by jacquelineramrez


8 Spooky Foods to Pack to Your Halloween Picnic
It’s the time of the year again - when the skies set a few hues darker and the air feels heavier as ghosts and ghouls come out to roam the streets of Neopia. Yes, it’s time for Halloween!

Also written by tsiegred & lookidontcare3

by breakeven


Pumpkin Themed Halloween Customizations
Who ever said that when customizing your Neopets for Halloween you have to make them look spooky and evil? In this article I want to show some examples of how you can customize your Neopets in a Halloween look that isn't dark and scary.

by aleu1986


Tor & Roberta's Halloween Misadventure
It was a crisp and chilly day in Neopia. The sounds of crackling leaves, hissing Meowclops, and the smell of hot Borovan was around every corner. It was the morning of Halloween.

by coco_chanaynay


Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Four
Later that night, all the Neopians of the growing community came together to put up the festival decorations. Small stalls that sold food, items, and had games appeared all around the area. Dark red ribbons hung from trees and torches were placed down the paths to light the way. Dozens of flowers were placed along the ribbons, letting petals float through the air. Some Neopians carved instruments out of spare wood, and started playing music.

by trishabeakens

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