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Blossoms~ Secrets pt.6

Lock the pantry!

by twillieblossom
Paint Brush Problem

Is he still relevant?

by xsugarush
Luck of the Irish

Today looks like a lucky day!

by earthiness
Head in the Clouds: Customize!

When you forget your wings are just for decoration.

by yoshisislandbandit
Glory Days: New Paint Job

Who knew a Rainbow Scroll could be so useful?

by darkpassage
Hero's Woes

Roberta and Tormund fondly remember the adventures they had.

by __midge__
Shellshock'd! REBORN - Ending

This world is under new...Management, so to speak.

by krabbox
An Unexpected Grey Day

Some grey side effects

by bobtehcat1
Never Insult a Gnorbu

Having regrets? Or perhaps...cold feet?

Also by paraxeno_daimonio

by bha288

Daily Hair

Some people take change great! And then there's Gelato.

by blixembot
Random Oddness

We're learning more about Chadley every day.

by mistyqee
Voracious appetite

Just a little bite?

by zusania
What am I? #1

Can you guess the species and color of this neopet using only a short riddle and a few pictures?

by pets_rock_8
One sunny day in Kiko Lake...

A Kiko goes on an unexpected adventure!

by ssmile_its_good_4_u
Meanwhile, at Uni's Clothing Shop...

Someone has too much free time on their hands.

by mucka33
Sloth Having Problems at Grey Day?

Always the 14th...

Also by ruben160

by teca_alvarenga

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"Lost Desert Aisha of Good Luck & Fortune" by _the_spardel_queen_
"So..." a desert Lupe says, addressing the crowd of tourists as he walks around them, "you are hear to seek good luck & fortune from the mythical pyramid of Buthayna" he says with a smile. He stops in front of you and says, "I will advise you all now, this tour isn't for the faintest of heart." He turns around and walks towards the entrance of the pyramid, blocked off by a large slab of concrete covered in hieroglyphics. He has thick, black fur and bright red eyes. He wears a gold and royal-blue striped headpiece, and carries a large staff in his left hand. "If you are not afraid, my name is Anubis, and I will be your guide. Follow me." he says as he puts his hand on the concrete slab, the hieroglyphics turn from gold to red and it rolls to the left, revealing the dark, dusty entrance of the pyramid. I look around at the other tourists, they seem slightly worried and scared, not knowing what dangers could lie inside the pyramid. I am scared too, but I don't let it show. I have been on a year-long expedition around Neopia, documenting my findings and research top historical landmarks from each land. My research will then be compiled and submitted into the Neopian Times, and hopefully I can become a famous writer one day.

Other Stories


Cheese Fairy
What would he do with children? Oh no, Gareth's only concern is the cheese. Glorious round cheese.

by jeancgirl


The (Un)lucky Blumaroo
Based on the Neopian book The Unlucky Blumaroo

Also by rielcz

by flufflepuff


Neopian Fashion Trends and You
In order to be a well-dressed Neopian, it is vital that you not only follow fashion trends, but preempt them -- or better yet, start them.

by embethrose


Can you really get lucky at the Deserted Fairground?
I will spend my day in the Deserted Fairground and play some of the most popular games, from there I’ll try to determine whether it’s about luck and chance or if it is rigged.

Also by _lindsayyy

by hectic_haley


Defenders Series 3: Siren of the Snows: Part Three
Steel contacted the Defenders headquarters to reassure them that he was alright- and had found Tech Tonic- before both of them set off into the snow once more.

by shinkoryu14


The Magic in Being Lost: Part One
She would not flee. She’d come too far to flee. She flattened both sets of ears to her head and grabbed the longer set, one in each paw. Her spine crawled. She squeezed her eyes shut as she mouthed a quiet mantra.

by drifbilim

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