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The Trials of Neopia's #1 Gamer: Part III

Such a thoughtful sister...

Also by artemislknight

by bha288

A Day At the Supermarket

Hmmm what have we here?

Also by o_babypet4me_o

by truebrony

Trilo bite

A Trilo Bite a day keeps the doctor away.

by vortext
NeoPaper: Vandagyre's Secret

Haven't you wondered about that...?

Also by purple_articuno

by mbredboy31

A Colorful Pun!

What kind of a bow can't be tied?

by kennielee

Help please...

by draggi_pi2
Extreme Potato Counter

How many potatoes?

by xsugarush
Cold Feet

How Odd...

by eamuray
Painting the Neohome

"Do it yourself" is not always a good idea

Also by edu_luis

by miguelamarelo

A Royal Joke

Why does King Skarl go to the dentists?

by myriadz
Off Limits


by bobtehcat1
Why does this always happen?

Think before you speak and you might avoid an awkward situation!

by keruza
Snow Troller

Ever wonder where the snow roller obstacles come from?

by dopestarinc
Jhudora's cake!!

The old rivalry explained

by arijuka
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Beating Nigel

The slowest way to the greatest riches in Neopia can be found in the stock market. By investing your hard-earned Neopoints into the NeoDAQ, you too can make a pretty penny in just 5-10 years time! The NeoDAQ Stock Market has existed since the earliest days of Neopia, and today we're going to delve in deep. First, I'll be giving you my guide full of tips that'll help you out-sell the most notorious stockbroking Chia there is, Nigel.

Other Stories


I Wanna Be MSP
The story of my Poogle, Varicose, who almost gave up on his dream to be MSP until...

by lily_death


A Beginners Guide to Restocking at Kayla’s Potions
So you’ve read through countless restocking guides and you understand the system, but you still do not know where to start. Some guides have told you to start at the Book Store, others tell you to try the pharmacy. Maybe you were even told to try Fresh Food and Toy Shop. While these are all decent options, I am an advocate for Kayla’s potions.

by hectic_haley


Who is the Zafara Double Agent?
We need to know exactly who the Zafara Double Agent is.

Also by Erai

by alienigenosidad


Welcome to White River
Portia Provoskia swept the dust from her skirt with a calculated flourish as she exited the small carriage. Her driver, a young Shoyru who talked with a thick Meridellian accent, handed the Halloween Ixi the small case that contained the few possessions she owned. "Welcome to White River, Miss."

by hzoo_26


Spiral: Part Five
Behind the barricades rose seating that resembled that of ancient colosseums. On one side sat Ilere, Nuria and three dark faeries, whilst on the other, Nereid, Psellia and Siyana were seated. Whispers flitted around the space. On the throne, Fyora slammed down a magical gavel thrice. The whispers stopped.

by waterguardianwmr

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