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Clever Kadoatie

They know how to get what they want.

by pinksrainbow
Petpet Doppelgangers

The resemblance is uncanny!

by gumgum101230
NeoPaper: Game Graveyard Mystery

What's real and what isn't, in a place like this, anyway?

by mbredboy31
An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I gotta get a paint job...

Also by icygal2310

by shennyyy

A Visual Introduction to the Kadoatery

It's tougher than it seems.

Also by murillion

by shadowlugia_92


Problem solved.

by supertualet
The True Daily Dare

Ahhh, sibling rivalry.

by xxsicklullabiesxx
Missing Link


by royal_real
The Secrets of a Dark Faerie

Yeah... The Greatest cause of all.

by joslucca3000
Practice Makes Perfect!

Finally, the truth is revealed...

Also by piinkskullz

by 987654321_hj

Over at Brightvale...

Let's take a peek at what's happening at the kitchen...

by toffeedatepudding
Girl Vs. Neopia: No Fluff, No Service!

Well this is just rude.

by courtlyjest
Bumble Brawn

Bumble Beams proves challenging for Battledome veterans.

by fatefulwings
Space Slushie

It's animated.

by ketchup547
Not Potato Counter AGAIN...

Based on a real event!

by furzle
Lawyerbot and Lupes

Lawyerbot is sent on a special Lupe Day task...

Also by yellowpagebeatdown.

by chai7705

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"Rawr, the Fiercest Tasu" by amethyst_81
"Shoy, do you think I'm fierce?" The query arose from a small speckled Faerie Tasu whose crystal blue eyes looked expectantly up at his best friend, Shoy, aka shoyrusrock_2004. “Fierce, Rawr? How many times have I told you that faeries aren't fierce? Faeries are graceful and elegant, soft-spoken, and charming. We flit, we don't...pounce!" Shoy admonished as he caught Rawr by the scruff mid-pounce. “I'm pretty sure I've seen Jhudora pounce a few times before...," muttered Rawr under his breath. "It's just that all the other Tasus are so tough - petpets get out of their way when they see them coming. I'm a Tasu too, but...but I can't even scare away a cloud!” Rawr whined as he tried to push away the tiny Strale that floated up alongside him. Shoy gently put Rawr down on tree branch and took a deep breath. "Rawr, being able to intimidate others and scare them out of your way is not a sign of being fierce or respected, it means that you're a bully. People don't respect bullies; they may fear them, but they don't respect them. Tell me, who do you think is the fiercest of all Neopets?” “Why, Kougras of course!" Rawr replied with a cocky tone of voice as he flashed his claws and arched his back in an imitation that nearly sent him flying off his tree branch. "Everyone knows that Kougras are the greatest warriors in Neopia! Us felines gotta stick together," Rawr said with an exaggerated toss of his head.

Other Stories


The Bennett Files: Neggs Over Easy
Pets were milling about on the streets, anticipating the announcement signaling the start of the hunt. One Woodland Uni decided to stay inside, however, choosing instead to focus on a few odd experiments. His name was Bennett, and as a detective, he reasoned that he had better things to do than to search for brightly-colored Neggs like a hyperactive child.

Also by phoenix_through_fire

by amarettoball


Two Cups of Islandberry Juice
“So I have this idea.” Aristotle A. Avinroo didn’t have to look up from the game screen; multitasking was his strong point. “Do tell,” he said.

by amulet_strawberry


Stamp Collecting For Beginners
So you want to be an Ultimate Stamp Collector, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t worry, I won’t waste your time with tons of useless pleasantries and introductory nonsense. We’ll get right down to business.

by redken9x9


That Didn't Go Well: The Darigan Yooyuball Team

Also by kjcanimals

by tscguitar


Sakhmet Stories - The Witch And The Thief: Part Two
"We'll need supplies. And with half the town in a dowdy slump, I doubt the market will serve us any good." Nephthysma paused, and she sighed heavily, knowing what she was about to say next.

by iamnotaaron


Sylva's Spirit: Origins: Part Three
Sylva vowed to not say a word to any of the crew about the stranger looking at him .As the day blended into night, makeshift beds were formed out of leaves on the beach. It was cold in the evenings, and leaves didn't do much to keep the heat in. Eliza had approached Sylva, her face bittersweet, thankful to be alive and sad at the situation. The two sat down in the sand, now cool under their paws.

by jrayeb3

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