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Beach Ball Theft

Well... What now?

Also by Pinksrainbow

by lyndsey4657

Eclectic Antics: Pizza Delivery

Dignity does not exist in this economy.

by amarettoball
Magma Contacts

This is why you don't buy rip-off Lava Contacts for half the price...

by madamidgaf
Random Oddness

It's not wise to get on Tangeriiine's bad side.

by mistyqee
Lab Ray vs. Beauty Contest

Noooo!Also by breezah_baby

by mustikeuh121
Galaxy Hair

It doesn't fit.

by ketchup547
Awkward Bruce

Run away!

by capn_scrac
Monochrome Madness

Just started again and...

by zaxamijo
UC Troubles: Express Yourself!

Those poor things... I wish they could express themselves...

by praline01
Pastel Horror #2 - A Pirate's Favorite Letter

Qysteri is VERY passionate about his puns.

by badjadejuniper
Coltzan Crisis

That was... disappointing

by contrastively
Favorite Pastime

I'm not sure that's how it works

Also by likelife96

by twillieblossom


Only the trained can handle a brainfreeze.

by simbologies
Monochrome Mixup

I own so many colored pencils, yet somehow this keeps happening.

by 0123kl
Grey-t Day


by neopearly
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A Grey Petpet for All

One of the most reliable ways of selecting a petpet is to choose one that is the same color as your pet, but Grey petpets aren’t just for Grey pets. A lot of different factors go into finding the perfect petpet for your pet, and all combinations can work if the personalities fit together. Also, even though Grey petpets are best known for being gloomy, they each have an individual personality beyond that one common trait. Selecting a petpet can be just as difficult of a decision as finding the right pet, and the options seem almost infinite. This quiz will help you select the Grey petpet that fits your pet’s personality.

Other Stories


When Grandma Was Grey
An elderly Neopet shares a tale with her granddaughter that reveals a rather exciting past.

by minkton


Night in the Haunted Woods falls with swiftness upon its victims. It is not as many stories say—the forest is not rife with yowling spooks and ghoulish spectres at every turn. It is not a scaled-up version of a Neopia Central Neohome’s Halloween decorations, which brashly proclaim frightfulness in the most colourful of fashions.

by cosmicfire918


Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries –Origins Article #1
Today we are going to discuss the some things that The Neopets Team doesn’t want you to know. This article is *keys dramatic music* NEOPET’S UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES!

by steve_km


The Truth Behind the April Fools’ Clubs
April Fools’ is a fun time on Neopets with pranks both small to elaborate being pulled throughout the day. This year was no different with the main prank being the “Neopian Net Worth Calculator”, a way to determine our “value” we can then potentially flaunt and, most importantly, join a club with.

by pikachu315111


Eye of the Crokabek: Part Two
Tim gulped as he scrambled through the tunnels of Moltara on his way back to the surface. No wonder everyone was too frightened to talk about it. But what could one Yurble like Tim do against the might of the Sway?

by reiqua


The Ghosts of Roo Island: Part One
I had been visiting my aunt in hospital for three days, before the red Kougra had grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me towards her to whisper: “Illanari, there's a ghost in here."

by phoenix_through_fire

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