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Relationship Advice

Um, maybe a little too intense. Plan B?

by likelife96
Hagan or Skarl?

Hey there, what did you call me?!

by iluminescent
Chia Day Madness

Big dreams my little friend

Also by marbear_4u

by brooklyn3223

The Benefits of a Relic Morphing Potion!

Aaah, much better

Also by 987654321_hj

by piinkskullz

Why Kads Pend Forever -- Epilogue

What are they so upset for?

Also by murillion.

by shadowlugia_92

Chomby Slide

Now thats a true friend.

Also by lyndsey4657

by pinksrainbow

My Usukicon Outfit

I think it looks faboo!

by toffeedatepudding
MSP Is Restocking

The shopkeepers are so.... helpful.

Also by spirochetes

by linnipooh

Hungry Hungry Aisha

You look so good...

by katehoughtonbeckett
The Joys of Aging a Petpet

No one ever said it'd be easy...

Also by chiefgrumpy

by joslucca3000



Also by coolnish_azn101

by hikariyugi_yamiatemu

An Alternate Universe

Or maybe just a little bit lost in translation.

by globetrekker
Home Sweet Home

I hate it when I'm just walking home and...

by ketchup547
A New Experience

I didn't realize it would be that easy.

by xxsicklullabiesxx
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"Purple and Orange" by meadows_lark
Pecka was lonely. And while this wasn’t an unusual experience, the fact that it was raining did not help. Everybody was gone. Fingal, her Pirate Lutari brother who read her stories when she was sad or bored, had left for the Altadorian Archives. He was the old Archivist’s apprentice, and was usually in and out of the house all week. Maily was gone at her bakery- it was small and quaint, and Pecka loved it just as much as the Altadorian locals, but she didn’t like that it kept her Plushie Aisha sister away from home for long hours at a time. Rai, a Christmas Kougra, was delivering something for Taelia- she was the Snow Faerie’s personal messenger, and had left early that morning. She usually disdained to play with Pecka, but the Fire Xweetok was as fond of her as she was any of her siblings, and always thought the house was quiet without her Twisted Roses music blaring through the hallways. Blue had gone to Shenkuu with Lark. The Aisha wasn’t often away, but their owner had needed to make a visit to the boarders’ house- a small, Shenkuuvian neohome that she rented out to Errowynn, a beautiful and gentle Faerie Eyrie. There was room for four pets there, but only Wynn had moved in thus far. Pecka knew that the two would probably be gone for a week or two at least- it wasn’t a long way to Shenkuu, but when Lark made the occasional visits, she usually ended up staying for long periods of time so she could take care of everything she needed to.

Other Stories


The Kadoatery - Not So Bad!
Pretty Kitty is the name, and let me start by asking you if I’m simply the cutest Kadoatie you’ve ever seen? What do you mean that you’re more of a “Warf” kind of neopian? Nevermind

Also by button04_nice

by pandacat838


Usuki Singing Stars #32: Aubri Gets Glasses
“Hey did you guys hear the news?” asked a blue Zafara. Scary shook her head. “No I haven’t Zafara-I-have-never-talked-to-before,” scoffed the purple Bruce. She tapped her fingernails on her desk.

by downrightdude


A Green Celebration of Spring
When my Neogarden becomes a profusion of bright yellow daffodils and the sweet perfume of Blossoms fills the air, I know spring has arrived. It brings with it nature’s affirmation and the promise of bright days ahead.

by binky1260


Cumulative Trophies - Seeking the Impossible?
A guide to the most difficult of game trophies

by puddydog


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Days Yet to Pass: Part Eight
It had been more than a full day since Buzz Johnson had absconded with Morphica, and Elise was nursing a headache. It was mostly caused by Bluejay. Her younger brother just would not shut up about having been right not to trust Buzz to be alone with Morphica.

by kristykimmy


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Eight
“It’s settled,” she said to my ear. “We’re going after Trina.”

by ummagine3284

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